[Renewal] For renewal: Genetic 175lv.

Started by tomandscooby, Jun 05, 2016, 08:36 PM

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I jsut want to know wat will be the best stat and equ to maximize acid bomb damage. (renewal) Thank you   
JYI: max lv175  max stat 130


Anything that boosts Matk/Atk and Modifiers ( Ranged Modifiers are great )
Headgears - Ship Captain, +9 EMH, +12 CEB ( demi human ), GMG , or Resist Headgears AKH is good
Middle - Anything you can afford
lower - same as middle
Armor - Valk Armor w/ Elementals is good for PVM , Unfro Wind Armor or Tao Gunka
Shield - Valk Shield for general resistance, Immuned Shield if you want to tank more or can afford it
Boost -TEMPORAL BOOTS OF DEXTERITY IS A MUST Bear Power for more DPS when mobbing or MVPing( or STR/INT if you have fenrir card or 24/7 sacrament )
Accessories - Glorious Ring + Meadl Combo if you have access very great all around accessories boosts both atk/matk and has aspd increase for better spamability with strings

+9 above Hurfurs w/ EA Enchants, AS Card or AK Card for boss only weap
+9 above RTS/BTS 3 AS or 3 AK or any racial mod card
+9 above byollongum w/ EA Enchants
+9 above Erde or Red Bag w/ EA Enchants AS / AK / Racial

Stats are
Str 100~120 ( 120 if using temporal boots )
Agi 1~50 ( reducing animation delay , overboost makes agility obsolete )
Vit 95 ( just get the stun resist you are good to go )
Int 100~120 ( more if you want better CC Damage )
Dex 100~120 ( For Instacast CC and Temporal Boots
Luk 1~60 ( only for minor atk/matk and resistance to most status )