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Author Topic: Advices with my WS on a 270/120 Server  (Read 1961 times)

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Offline Znic

Advices with my WS on a 270/120 Server
« on: Jun 24, 2010, 02:29 am »
270 Max. Base Level
120 Max. Job Level
270 Max. Stats

Base: 15000.00x
Job: 15000.00x
Drops: 10000.00x (Except cards are 10%)

My build is curretly

Str - 270
Agi - 200
Vit - 78
Dex - 150
(Without the bonuses)

I am trying to make a PVP Cart Termination White Smith

So far I got a +4V.Set(without the shield), +4 valk help(Adds +10 str), Gargoyle Wings(+20% atk).(With tao, gr, moonlight cards)

I need advices to cards to put on my accessories and specially weapon including what weapon to get and what cards.(I have access to a balmung or Tifing, but I kinda want an axe).

Any advices would we great, thank you. If you need more info, ask as well.


Offline Fantaxy

Re: Advices with my WS on a 270/120 Server
« Reply #1 on: Jun 30, 2010, 05:22 am »
first off your stats are a lil bit off.
Lower str add in vit.
Agi just enough for max aspd
Vit should be higher
Dex 150 is enough. (But seriously if you have a sinx for a opponent with high flee get a phree card)

with 10% on it should be easy to get these

+ ice pick [1]
+ combat knife
+ tomahawk
2 +10 orcish axe

Orcish axe (quad zipper bears)
               (stormy knight  phreeoni zipper bear x2)   

As for accesories

Hoped this works