[Non-Renewal] Help WS CT build

Started by goldfiner, Jan 27, 2016, 07:47 AM

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Should i use Hurricane Fury[1], Giant Axe[1], Orcish Axe[4] for woe CT build, no KVM/BG equips. here is my current item Giant Magestice Goat, 2x ROM, +9 Firelock Shoes, +7 Deadly Meteo Armor, +7 Immune Manteau and pls stats for CT build. my first time playing WS so im noob haha. state the best equips Diabolus equips are available ice pick/ck are available but so expensive


Prioritize ice pick and CK~

Use Orcish axe, but feel free to use Hurricane's Fury when defending a castle, you are unlikely to be targeted anyway, just remember to switch to orcish+shield when things go bad.

Make sure you are using a defensive LBH. If you want to go full dps:


stats are mainly
str, highest possible 10s you can get
agi - as long as you have 186++ aspd you should be good.
vit - depends if you want hp or stun immunity
dex - maybe 20-30 total for woe is ok