[Non-Renewal] High Wizard skill build for BG/WOE

Started by boople, May 04, 2013, 04:25 PM

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Hi guys I'm playing on a 99/70 server with a 99int/99dex build. Resets are really hard to obtain on my server and I finally hit 99/70 so I'm going to reset my skills for something BG/WOE oriented. I'm pretty new to the class so yeah.

Currently I'm looking at this:

Increase Spiritual Power   Level    10/10
Sight            Level    1/1
Napalm Beat         Level    7/10
Safety Wall         Level    10/10   
Soul Strike         Level    5/10
Cold Bolt            Level    5/10
Frost Diver         Level    1/10
Stone Curse         Level    5/10
Lightning Bolt         Level    4/10
Thunder Storm         Level    1/10   
Energy Coat         Level    1   Quest Skill

Sightrasher         Level    2/10
Meteor Storm         Level    10/10
Jupitel Thunder      Level    10/10
Lord of Vermillion      Level    10/10
Ice Wall            Level    1/10
Storm Gust         Level    10/10   
Earth Spike         Level    3/5
Heaven's Drive         Level    1/5
Quagmire            Level    5/5
Monster Property      Level    1/1
Magic Crasher         Level    1/1
Amplify Magic Power      Level    10/10   
Ganbantein         Level    1/1
Sight Blaster         Level    1   Quest Skill

Total first job skill point used:      49/49   Left:    0   Over:    0
Total second job skill point used:   65/69   Left:    4   Over:    0

I spent my excess points in 1st job into Stone Curse, however I'm not sure if I should be maxing Increase Spiritual Power.

For 2nd job I basically maxed all the 3 big AOEs, JT, Quag and Amp. I also invested one point in Magic Crasher and Ganbatein for utility. I will then have 4 skill points left and I'm not sure where to put them.

Is there anything else I should max? Or is there anything that shouldn't be maxed?


Fruit Pie~

Reset stats, go 1 INT, 99 VIT, 99 DEX. It's still not perfect, but it's really simple and it's much better and you won't be part of the audience if a single Dancer so much as enters your screen. If you really, really want INT, at least get 80 total VIT. You can probably still get 60+ INT and do reasonable damage to BG Guardians in Flavius and absolutely nothing else, which is exactly what you'd do with maxed out INT.

Take points from AMP and/or Safety Wall (level 7 SW is all you really need), put them in Stone Curse, it's really good. Everything else seems fine, it's really hard to mess up a HW skill build (it only happens if you for some reason get Soul Drain in a server without 3rd classes or if you even DARE think about the Ghost damage skills).

EDIT : Oh yeah, you might want to boost SP Recovery to max if you're going INT-less. The boost from SP items helps a ton. In fact, get it even if you DO get INT - you want to stay overweight at all times, so at some point you're running out of SP. Might as well make that weight count.


High VIT seems interesting but my guild wants me to do damage instead. So I will probably get stun resist gear and stay 99int/99dex. I'll most likely be devo-ed all the time as well.


High vit is risky if there's creators running around.


No secrets, really. Get 100% stun resist (BG set, +5 Dark Bashilrium Helm with Stalactic Golem Card), max Int possible (usually about 150) including the use of foods, 149 total Dex (with dex food too) and rest in Agi for aspd. Meteor Storm on Magic Strings all day (use Mystical Amplificatione every 3 or 4 meteors) with Salamander Card.