What is better for a High Wizard?

Started by Slau..., Apr 04, 2013, 09:57 AM

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Hi xd, im new in this forum & im playing a server with conquest, cash system and stuff, it haven't 3rd class

I dont know a lot of hws,
So, here the question:
¿Whats better for a hw as weapon?¿A Warlock's battle wand (bg's weapon bought by valor badge) or a lich's bone wand +9??

xd I wanna be the best hw, i'd appreciate all help you would give me

Lord Jasriel

It depends on the server, is it high rate or what? what base level?


Warlock's Battle Wand > Warlock's Magic Wand > SoD +8 with necro card > SoP +9 > Lich's Bone Wand +9
If I remember it correct unless you're facing tons of people with high mdef, then use Warlock's Magic Wand.

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What Triper said.

There's basically two tiers of gear in PVP : Battlegrounds gear at the top and everything else at the bottom.



is your server HR? can you post how much damage do deal with it?
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is warlock better or glorious staff of piercing. I totally confused why doesn't glorious staff of piercing give 15% Matk at +0( it should give right bec it says matk+15%) why only after upgrading it gives more Matk. Please help


What is a Glorious Staff of Piercing? I only know about the Glorious Staff of Destruction/Arc Wand/Cure Wand.
If it's a custom on where you play, you've to ask the staff why is that failing.

Nonetheless, the one hand warlock bg rods are better because you can use shield and use anti-stun that way. The only viable way to use the kvm sod is if you're precasting[like woe 1.0 at def] or you've no problems being shieldless.

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If you have BG weapons in your server, which it seems you do, I like using +9 Glorious Arc Wand. Another option, for PvM, would be a +9 Staff of Piercing..
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depends on a lot of things. most likely a piercing staff or warlock battle wand (+15% DAMAGE) is best.