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Started by trym300, Jun 28, 2015, 09:14 PM

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i want to tank one asura strike without apple of idun
my server has no glorious set but has regular bg set
99 dex 99 vit agi 25

still get 1 shot on any asura with this setup
1. BG gear (raydric , Green ferus , ares )+ MOH x2 + CK + LBH def + BOG + GPipe + energy coat  + VS thara

2. Silk Robe Ares + proxy immune + dboots g.ferus + CK BOG LBH def GPipe + energy coat  + VS thara

(note: yeah yeah i know safety wall)


There are skills that are meant to kill people regardless of how much reducs they have. Asura Strike is one of those. If you're trying to tank and survive the Asura Strike of a Champion (assuming you're playing pre-renewal) that is geared to kill someone with complete reducs, I don't think you have much of a chance.

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ok better hunt GR then  /heh thanks though


Yep besides SW GR is your best bet.


The most stupid skill in RO.


Hide skill and Safety wall are your best bets.  /heh