Why use Orleans Combo then 149 dex?

Started by vlemzgwapo, Mar 11, 2013, 12:38 AM

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do i need 149 dex even tho, im using Orleans Server + Orleans Glove /?

and why? ( 149 dex for instant cast ryt? so why do i use Orleans Combo? )

please help me out, im getting confused with this..


149 dex isn't insta cast. That 10% won't give you the missing dex.
Faster cast, faster spam. If your cast is slow, it sucks if you're really aiming for dps or fast support.

At 149, your spam is faster then 150 because of the "animation delay" in the default settings of RO inside bragi.
The animation at 150 is higher then the one at 149 with the super small cast time so, using Orlean's Server+Orlean's Glove would make it even smaller making you spamming faster.
While this is true, don't forget that you've limits in terms of what you're able to spam. If that 10% doesn't make a difference in the number of skills used per sec, just forget it and get a Book of Charms or Thorn Shield+HotB[+int/chance to stun or more aspd for faster spam].

tl;dr - 149 is a must, the set not really.



Triper: Does dex and %cast reduction stack?

and If i had Orleon Uniform which increases 15% cast time and equip together with ballon hat [Dark Illusion], will my cast be reduced by 10%. I wonder if DI card give noticeable reduction if I'm using +dex equipment


It doesn't really stack.

Basically if the cast time is 15000ms and you have 100 dex, then the cast time would be 5000ms. If you now have -10% cast time equip, that would make it 4500ms. If your dex is close to 150, you probably won't need cast time reducing items.


% gear works on the missing dex to hit 150.

If you're missing 10 dex to 150 and you've -50% cast time gear, your cast will act like 145.