increase range for mage

Started by freeza, Sep 23, 2014, 11:47 AM

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is there weapon or cards that will increase the normal attack range of mage ? /hmm



Magic spell range can never be increased.

If you mean normal attack... well that range depends solely on the weapon equipped. Unfortunately I can't think of any weapon a mage can equip with a range bigger than 1.
Long Mace und Iron Driver are Acolyte-type only.


Warlock Radius in renewal yo  /ok


in our server they dont have 3rd jobs

anyother suggestion  /ok


Only thing, that increases your attack range is weapon. However, mage (nor wizard or sage) can not equip any higher-range weapon (such as Long Mace, Spear class weapon, etc.

Technicaly, Baphomet card may do the trick as it makes your attack splash.
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The closest thing would be the Baphomet card as Zereges said. Spell range is locked at the spell.