How useful is abracadabra to summon MVPs?

Started by MysticNight, Jan 19, 2012, 05:38 PM

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I tried using abracadabra yesterday on a bunch of shrooms and I ended up with an RSX after what seemed like 500 clicks. Just wondering if trying to use abracadabra is even worth it or if I'm doing it wrong. I don't think it can be spammed that fast, I probably pounded on the F1 key too much.
Any tips? How long should summoning an MVP take?


1k gems usually got, me+1 friend doing abra, 2-3 mvps on the gem song[clown+gypsy].
I would say that it's worth if berz/rand/ifrit drops are worth good zenny there.
If your team is good and don't die doing them it's also a good source of exp since you can get some good mvps that give good exp like kiel.