how to counter Magic Crasher?

Started by chard5230, Apr 23, 2012, 04:45 AM

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i am playing a high rate server with normal slots equip

is there a way to counter Magic crasher
or is there a item that can be immune to magic crasher


If it's what I'm thinking about then there is lol It's called Pneuma.


aside from that.. :D _________....,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,



Just interpret it as a physical ranged atk. Everything that you use to stop something like dmg from a DS Sniper should work for it.


i think ghostring card? will help since magic crasher is neutral


Not really, you can endow/use verters/use an elemental weapon to change element of it. It's a physical range attack that just uses matk instead of attack.


I think neutral resist gears will do great  /ok
But not like it do a massive amount of damage anyway  /heh


Well, at it was already said, Magic Crasher carries the element of the user's weapon, so Neutral resist gears won't help if the user is using some sort of property modifier, as an endow, for instance. With a nice aspd, Magic Crasher can have a nice dps. The damage output it of course going to depend on the server where you play, namely, custom items, modified skills, and such things.

But yes, Pneuma will totally block it. Wall of Fog might be a nice counter as well, mainly if it cannot be spammed.