How can i get free cast HW?

Started by Hagi123456, Dec 21, 2009, 03:10 PM

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Quote from: Chimichanga on Dec 25, 2009, 01:34 PM
There are hundreds of posts regarding instant cast.
worry  about equips first:

aoa +3dex (or get vespers for mid and upper gear totalling 8 dex)
rocker card in armor +1dex
two drops cards in survivor's rod +4dex
2 x orlean gloves slotted with zeroms (8dex)

get blessing +10dex
+10 dex food
=36dex+10 from high wiz bonuses ~ 150

Survivor's [2]? It can have only 1 slot, but with drops card it stills give you that amount of DEX (+4 DEX). Real problem is not how to have 150 DEX, real problem is having 150 DEX and nice MATK and Status Resistece. I still prefer having 135~141 DEX and use Feather Beret and Marc for WoE for example. As i´ve said, you still need MS in order to do a real good job like an instant caster.

Sirvivor's [2]? Solo puede tener un slot, pero aun asi con drops da la cantidad de DEX que tu dijiste (+4 DEX). El verdadero problema no es llegar a 150 DEX sino llegar a eso y aun asi conseguir buen MATK y resistencia a estados alterados. Yo aun prefiero tener 135~141 DEX y usar Feather Beret y Marc para WoE por ejemplo. Como dije antes, aun necesitas de MS para hacer un buen trabajo como Instant Caster.

Ask if you want spanish version and sorry for my bad english T_T