HIGH MATK HW 99/70 Problem

Started by han1990, May 15, 2014, 05:37 AM

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Hello,I want to ask Pro HW Player about creating High MATK HW.I got a problem to choose between G.Arc Wand and Warlock Magic Wand. I need A Suggestion "WITHOUT MVP CARD"
Here Is My:

Current Stats:
Str 1+19
Agi 2+34
Vit 25+19
Int 99+58
Dex 99+ 49
Luk 1+7
MATK: 1162+ 2028 (AMPLY)

That Status already included with +10 agi,vit,int,dex Food + Box of gloom

Here is My HW Gear:
Upper: All Stat +3,Increase 10% dam to demihuman (ISILLA)
Mid: Int+1 (ISILLA)
Lower: All Stat +1, Increase 2% dam to demihuman
Armor : BG ARMOR[INT+3] (Marc)
Shield : +9 BOC (Flame Skull/Thara) still - Despero
Garment: +7BG manteau (Aliot/Salamander/Noxious)
Boots: +9BG Boots (Firelock)
Acc: Pair Orlean Glove(zerom)

HERE IS my Problem:
IF I got Thanatos Despero On my SHield I should able to HIT 160 Total INT(Weapon Still BG wand) but i think my MATK damage still not enough HIGH when im BG ing/WOE.I am Looking To Change my BG Wand To G.Arc Wand but the bad news is I will lost
4INT 3DEX.HUGE Lost of MATK bcause my int drop below 160 and dex. If i want to Use G.Arc Wand I am aiming for At least +9 G.Arc Wand....

WHICH one IS BETTER?Any Suggestion To PUMP my MATK damage with my Current SET that I write(without changing my BG Wand to G.Arc wand)?

Please Pro Player Teach me...

Thanks  /no1

Seffi ❤

Hey, so wizard has always been my favourite class. Your build looks good, as long as you're not doing WoE or BG because the more VIT you have the more damage you'll take from Acid Demonstration. If you're gonna enter WoE or BG make sure that VIT is 1 and put the stats into AGI instead.

Also, increase % damage to demi-human does not actually work with spells, I'm not sure if you are aware of that. You would be better off using matk % gears like Robo Eye (not sure if your server has that). If you need more INT you can also use a Miyabi Doll pet which gives +1 INT when it's loyal.

And to answer your specific question, I always used +9 Glorious Arc Wand on my wizard. At +9 it gives a huge MATK bonus, and also adds 15% magic damage to Demihuman, very much worth it. I tried calculating it before as well and I always got a higher damage output from the +9 GWand.

Hope that helps.
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