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Started by appolian, May 24, 2007, 01:50 AM

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Int and Dex (till you have 150). After that either Vit or if you need a lot of potions on you than some Str.


Quote from: appolian on May 26, 2007, 10:39 AM
lmao xD

so if i can get 2 dopelanger cards then what stats should i invest?  str  ;D ;D

This guy is clearly lost.

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dose more aspd really help with lesser delay on magic?
coz i have increase my aspd from 154 to 180 but i barely feel any difference >_<
is it just for some sever?


Not all spells are influenced by ASPD. I don't remember now which ones do though. JT for sure, I heard that also SG but I never had a chance to test it.


JT has no delay.

Agi will help you cast stormgust faster. But I'm not sure it's dependant on atk speed, as in, doppel card might not influence it.
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JT has no delay? Dunno, I just say what I saw or heard from others. I never played a wiz for real. And from what I heard it would be possible to cast 4 SGs with IC and ASPD 190 before the animation of the first one ended (checked on aRO).


Nothing but 'Magical Strings/Poem of Bragi' is supposed to effect delay(unless the skill's delay is effected by aspd). For spells aspd -shouldn't- effect the delay.

As in Aspd doesn't naturally decrease delay, it's only for specific skills.
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You should not be spamming skills such as Storm Gust anyways. Really, all you need to do is freeze 'em and then JT them, both of which have little delay. Of course you need to try that before doing anything else, i.e. if they don't freeze, you know they must have Marc armor.
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