Help needed with MS/FS wizard build, questions inside

Started by MysticNight, Feb 12, 2012, 07:51 PM

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Here is the build I'd more or less be aiming for at level 99. I can get insta level 99, that's not a problem.
Is BG set the best option for both MS and FS? I'd get BG set for MS but I can get any equipment I want except for MVP cards, so buying a crummy BG set seems a bit stupid. Would diablos set be better? And yes, I do want stun resist as I can't stand gypsies, but the extra HP from diablos boots and the nice effect of proxy skin fragment might be better than BG set. Help me here :)

Are wizzies condemned to either MS or ganba/ fire pillar forever? It seems not, because wizzies get to have a lot of fun in BG (SG, MS, jupitel thunder, stone curse, fire pillar, heaven's drive... Much more fun than spamming a couple of skills like all the other classes).
I guess support wizzies would mainly stone curse, fire pillar and something else depending on the situation.
I can get salamander card soon but again, wondering about its utility because def is sometimes better than more damage.

Last question:
How can I get stun immu? Would 25 vit+ Dark bashir/ Holy marcher w/e one is better, flame skull and bg set do the trick? Should I bother with vit at all?
I thought about making a "hybrid" wizard by getting about 50 vit and not using the BG set so that I can get noxious and other good equipment.

EDIT: Without the BG set I don't get stunned more than 1 time out of ten, and don't stay stunned for long. Please suggest non-BG equipment, I can always up my vit to 30 or so to compensate for the loss of stun immunity which is negligible IMO.


dafuq it seems in you're in a server which is up to date with the current metagame but you're really not.

bg is needed for stun res unless u can get it somewhere else. which in a non-custom server means only OH card. bg best option for MS yes, FS not really, u can go those proxy dboot builds iirc due to being vit built. as MS u cannot afford to be stunned, ever, so 100% stunres or nothing.

in the current woe:se metagame, which has already evolved fully pretty much, yes wizards are relegated to these roles permanently. not much change will happen unless new gear is introduced. of course they can have fun in bg, the whole metagame is different from the woe:se one. 10v10 =/= gvg.

what other utlity cards u wan from a garment slot man lol. just switch between sala/nox/jakk/frill. pretty much thats it. but of course if your role is MS wiz and u have a sala then u damned well have to use it when attacking. when retreating or otherwise feel free to change between the other options depending on the situation.

DO NOT GET VIT IF UR ON STUN IMMUNE SET. why would u do that, its so stupid. the whole point of stun immune set is so u can receive minimal damage from ad while not getting interrupted via stun. not much diff between dark bac and holy march, go for whichever u think looks better rofl.

do not make "hybrid" wizards rofl. even in woe:fe they are minimally viable.

if you're in a server where u dont get stunned as a low vit variant while w/o stun immune set or instagibbed by ad, your opponents are real trash. or they've been playing the current metagame for so long that they forgot gypsies in the past had to also dazzler instead of just spdpot slow grace rebuff flag :/

no matter what, it just isn't worth it even for the 1 in 10 stun chance. ur role is sustained dps, so if u get even stunned once that could mean enemies not dying due to sudden insufficient dps, and instantly pot up. same case for ganban. also if ur support roles (devo and fs crea) are good u shldnt die as long as u dun misclick and walk out of pack.
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