FS Sage with Frost driver lvl 10

Started by boangboang, May 12, 2014, 02:17 AM

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hi im a sage of a low rate server

i have an FS sage with max dex and high amount of vit...

i didnt put all my status points yet...

how much int would it take to make my frost driver hit any target??

as of now i have only 1 int...

is 11 bast int ok or i should ho 20 base int??


99 best

I need more words to post it.



Around 30 should be more than enough.


11+9 ok?? or i should do it 20+9

without bless ofcourse


Just get 99 dex 97 vit 17 int , taking more int will gimp your stun resist / cast.
You wont freeze tanky HP (99 vit int) , hell even 99 int wizzies on mdef gear.
Instead you use stone curse on them while using frost diver to freeze the low mdef target.


i cant do that.. i must also put STR to carry mo gems and pots...

im not doing 95+ vit... just 90+ will do to put in INT and STR stats