[Renewal] Newbie looking for help

Started by teKsen, Sep 25, 2015, 02:51 PM

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Hi, i played RO a long time ago (more than 5 years) but i've never really been a crack or played a high lvl char. Im playing on an offical server, iRO.

So on my account i have a 112/21 Warlock and a 100 GX. Now i want to play a good dps class that can play PvP/WoE/MvP and before that leveling ofc. So what class should i aim to main? I asked some people ingame and most say that Warlock kind of sucks, so im confused now, i wouldnt mind some info about how to build etc as well. I have Skype or Teamspeak as well, i would appreciate any type of help i can get :) Thanks in advance


Someone made a pretty handy new player's guide on my server's forum, and it's pretty universal. See if it's any help:



thanks i read the guide. but there's still a lot more questions i have about builds and such. are ppl in that forum even playing on iRO?


Definitely not, as I said, it's a guide on my server's forums.
If you have more specific questions, I'd honestly just go online in iRO and ask around, you'll be hard pressed to find relevant up-to-date iRO information online in the form of guides.
I just posted that as a general guideline.


Since you want to play iRO, Shura / Genetic would be correct job to main for MvP and PvP+WoE while Ranger outshine everyting for PvE. If you dont have too much zeny to spare RG is good for PvP+WoE and easier leveling compared to Shura  / Genetic.