[Non-Renewal] A noob wants to be a PROfessor.

Started by Noob101, Jan 05, 2014, 02:11 PM

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QuoteHere is a little introduction. :)
Hi. I have been playing private server ROs for almost 9 mos. and I'm really enjoying it. Honestly, ever since my friends introduced this game, I never played RO in LR/MR server so I'm not a true RO player and I have so much to learn. :P I'm always taking the role of a supportive job like Clown and Pally. I am truly amazed how a Professor can turn a battle into their favor. I told myself and my friends, "I want to be like that.". They said I could give it a try since WoE time is 20+ players and I could still practice. Now, they are giving me a challenge. I have to find it out myself since they don't want me to depend on them anymore and this is the first step to be a Guild Leader, It's their turn now to depend on me.

From here I want to know what being a Professor is. Tips, DOs/DONTs, MUST/MUSNTs and Builds.
The server is 255/120 Trans only. I will list down my equipments so hopefully/maybe, you have the idea what customization the server have.

The server has a BTS quest. So there's 100% Unfrozen armor."
LHZ Cards are customized. Like HW card is 30% reduce damage from Demi. -30% MATK.

Upper HG : Power of Thor [Permeter] +1 All stat. +15 Flee. 10% reduce damage from Demi.
Middle HG : Eye of Darkness [Mistress] +1 to Str, Dex, Int. 3% reduce damage from Demi.
Lower HG : White Butterfly Wing +15 Agi. +30 Flee.
Armor : Mink Coat [Ghostring]
Weapon : Grimtooth
Shield : Buckler [GTB/Thara]
Garment : Wool Scarf [Raydric]
Shoes : Tidal Shoes [Amon Ra]
Acce 1 : Nile Rose [Spore] +10 Agility.
Acce 2 : Nile Rose [Smokie]

There. Is there any idea now what server looks like? :D

I want to be a Flee/Tank Prof.   /lv
I would like to hear what you know about Professors.
Thank you in advance guys.  /kis


Quote from: Noob101 on Jan 05, 2014, 02:11 PM
I want to be a Flee/Tank Prof.   /lv


Forget Flee, just focus on tankiness. On a server with levels that high in addition to the WoE stat reducs, I highly doubt your Flee will amount to anything.

Swap those accessories for something like Orlean's Gloves, Necklaces, Gloves [1], whatever... With Alligator cards in them. Get a Smokie clip or something and hotkey it along with Hide somewhere close which you can access rapidly with your fingers.

Swap that Grimtooth for a Combat Knife and that Amon Ra for a Green Ferus. Eventually, you might wanna upgrade garment/shoes to the Diabolus set and that Mink Coat for a GR Drobe/valk armor. And I dunno what lowers you have available in your server, but get something with either Vit, extra HP or demi human resistance.

Get an ED Valk armor or something to swap to when there's a Frost Joker or another prof.

And as for your build, get 97 Vit, IC (If you can manage) and the rest in INT and possibly some STR to carry pots.

And try to get a I Love China hat if they're available in your server.

You might also wanna get a Frilldora garment to swap to if your server doesn't have many active Maya Purples.

As for how to play the class, it's a different story. You'll have to have fast fingers and fast reflexes, and be able to judge which situation needs what swiftly, like when/who to web, when and where LP, when and where to WoF....


It's a 255, he probably has extra stats to use and since he uses agi for max aspd ... I personally would ditch the "flee" part and instead would go for PD!

Profs with it aren't bad on 255 servers, it actually makes them even harder to kill since they're already quite hard to kill being full reduces+energy coat+wof+dispell.


Hmm..odd. Shouldn't thara+2x HW card+Power of Thor give you 100% DH resist, making you virtually unkillable in PvP?


Thank you Mr. PinkNoodle and Mod Triper. I really appreciate your kindness. :)

Quote from: Sarin on Jan 06, 2014, 06:25 AM
Hmm..odd. Shouldn't thara+2x HW card+Power of Thor give you 100% DH resist, making you virtually unkillable in PvP?

Sorry. I forgot to say that the server has a 2 cards restriction for some normal and MVP cards.