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Author Topic: ZoraRO - Open Beta Friday, September 12:00 GMT+2 Rates: 7x  (Read 2072 times)

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Dear Midgardian's~
Today at 12:00 GMT+2 the gates will open until 30.09.22 00:00.
The final release date will be at october,1st at 12:00 GMT+2.
The progress made during the Open Beta will be preserved!!!
Take the opportunity to be part of the game from the beginning and participate in the beta.

    Main Informations:
    • Rates: 7x
    • MvP Rates: 3x
    • Card Drop: Normal = 0.07%| Mini Boss/MvP = 0.03%
    • Episode: 11.1 - Sacred Precinct of Goddess, Rachel
    • Max Level: 99
    • Max Stats: 99 / Baby class: 90
    • Share Range: 15 Level
    • Overweight Limit: 70%
    • Dual Client: Allowed

    Specific Informations:
    • Server Location: Germany
    • Language: English
    • Support Languages: English, German
    • Protection: Gepard Shield 3.0, No grf modifcation / custom grf.

    ZoraRO Features:
    • Autoloot:
      Autoloot Command is available in ZoraRO, but Equip, Weapons and Cards, and MvP Loot are excluded.
    • Card Drop Effect:
      Depending on the card, they have a different drop effect. Normal monsters have a green pillar, boss monsters have a purple pillar and mvps have a red pillar.
    • New Starting Zone:
      In ZoraRO you can choose your class directly and start with Lv.15/10.
      If there are newcomers, they can enter the Novice Ground to get all the necessary information.

    • Job Changer:
      The Job Changer only changes players with JobLv.50, if you want to change earlier, you have to do the Job Quests.
    • Shopping Mall:
      ZoraRO provides access to the shopping mall in each city, where all the merchants spread throughout Rune Midgard can be found in one place.
    • Refining House:
      At the Refining House, you'll find everything related to upgrading/crafting, which also provides access from just about any city.
    • Automated Events:
      Every 3 hours a random event starts which you can join with !joinvent/!je.
    • Dungeon Teleporter:
      No no, not what you think now. The Dungeon Teleporter in ZoraRO is only active every 2 hours and only warps to certain dungeons if you have the right key.
      The necessary keys can be farmed from all boss protocol monsters.
      If you have completed the entrance quests, you have the option to teleport via the Dungeon Teleporter directly in front of the dungeon.

    • Kafra Service:
      Our Kafra Leilah offers free warp to Prontera from all locations.
      Kafra Leilah also teleports directly to any central city without the need to travel from city to city.

    • Skill Balancing:
      We have revised some skills where we felt they needed a rework. You can find more information on our website.

    Last Words:
    I think pictures say more than a thousand words,
    so don't waste time and get into the adventure and get an impression yourself of the world of ZoraRO.
    Join ZoraRO now!!

    Website: https://zoraragnarok.com/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/YRBmG23ceu[/list]
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