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Offline Razgrom

« on: Jan 17, 2021, 03:05 pm »
Greetings to all adventurers!

I wanted to share a good story with you. Our project will soon be a year old from the moment of release. During this time, we restored the server, which was lying idle for a very long time. The main concept for us is the Korean server on which we play. Therefore, all the developments that we implement on our server come from there. Of course, it is impossible to make a full copy, because there is too much flow of information and updates, but we are trying. Not many people know about our server, so I decided to write here so that those who were interested in visiting us and playing for fun.

What you should know about our project:

1) We don't like bots, so we have an anti-bot that immediately eliminates third-party software.
2) We love Ragnarok as it is and as it should be! The fact that people were spoiled by a change of work, high stakes and other things, this is not for us...
3) Language barrier: We are international server! it's no secret that we have two languages, English and Russian, but we support absolutely all players of our project, so we will definitely solve all your questions.
4) We don't like the P2W policy. Therefore, everything can be achieved just by playing, we have a very large game cash store where you can get everything just by attending events.
5) There will be no wipe on the server. It will exist completely until it closes.
6) We encourage our players for their help in the development of the server: Streams, finding bugs, and so on...
7) We have prepared a very interesting component of the esports league for pvp modes and GW, but have not yet launched, due to the small population on the server.
8) Unique server balance that we are trying to adapt in both pve and pvp.
9) Server time: UTC+3:00

Why should you choose us?

I don't like to say bad things about servers that have a good gaming policy and respect their community. Usually, on such a question, everyone begins to compare something, who is better or something like that. I will give a simple answer to this question. If you want good service, just try it!

Server info:

- Episode 17.1 ( update 16.01.21)
- Renewal 200/70, 10x/10/5x
- Automatic events every 4 hours.
- Automatic anti-bot system.
- 2021 client that comes with updated interfaces for many things.
- You can see the rest of the information on our website and forum.

What are your plans for the project?

You know, this is a rather difficult question. To make a high-quality project, where there are really few errors and bugs, most of it corresponds to the Korean server, this is a different level... Buying scripts and running them, promoting a new good server is not our level...

We don't have any rush to any of the servers, we don't play races to update the content. We just do our job - develop the project in our free time from your daily routine.

See you on the project!
WTR team