Ragnarok Timelines - Ep 12.1 Classic 2x/2x/2x - No Rebirth

Started by Skarpi, Apr 03, 2024, 05:29 AM

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Opening April 13th, 2024 - Thank you for your interest!

Rates: 2x/2x/2x
Multiclient: Allowed
Cash Shop and Donations: None
Episode: 12.1 - Satan Morocc
Game Mechanics: Classic Mechanics with QoL and Minor Rebalancing
Autoloot: No, but an in-game item provides a skill similar to Greed with a large AoE
Server Location: East Coast of North America
Special Systems: Dynamic Merchants, Ghost MvPs, Enhanced NPC Weapons, Buffed Classic Dungeons, Reworked Soul Linker, Unique Novice Training Grounds
Post-Transcendent Content Customized for the Original 2-1 and 2-2 Classes Gunslinger, Ninja, Taekwon, and Soul Linker Available, Transcendent Classes will Never Be Available

Server Vision

Twenty years ago, Ragnarok Online embarked on a journey of Transcendence.  It divided the community; those who wanted that classic RO feel, that enjoyed the singular climb to 99, that treasured all they had worked for, and those who wanted more power, more content to challenge, and higher limits to push.  Hundreds of classic and pre-renewal servers later, the community is still divided with each version of Ragnarok having its strengths and weaknesses. 

But what if we don't have to be divided any longer?  What if a server offered both the classic feel of the early episodes and all the amazing content from episodes 10 through 12? What if the focus was not on pushing through the grind of the already-solved meta of classic and pre-renewal Ragnarok, but instead exploring a Timeline blending the two!  A server made for the alt-aholic in all of us that loves to experiment with off-meta builds and where decisions as a pre-rebirth character mean something. A server where end-game dungeons and MvPs will challenge you and your guildmates to get better, to get more creative, to be the best you've ever been.

Ragnarok Timelines is a server honoring the core game design of Ragnarok, including all of the items, maps, mobs, and content up to episode 12.1 that are familiar to the pre-renewal setting, but with only the classic and expanded classes.  The design focus is on improving previously unviable or fringe builds and content to provide the player base with a large variety of ways to play and places to enjoy. 

Ragnarok Timelines is aimed at those players that want the classic feel of Ragnarok but are in search of something just different enough.  Post-rebirth mobs and mvps remain largely unchanged making for true end game content to challenge even the most skilled and dedicated players.  Gear up with powerful equipment typically reserved for transcendent classes and see how far you can go in Endless Tower; just know there is no Assumptio to save you or Acid Bomb to burst down your foes!

Starting up on Timelines is smooth and quick thanks to a refined Novice Training grounds, passive bonuses on NPC gear, boosted drop rates on low level and weapon-slot cards, and fast regen when sitting.

I believe all RO players are searching for something: a way back to those memories we made when we first discovered this game.  Be it a victory with your guildmates in WoE, or that time you found an mvp card, the simple moments chatting with friends, new and old, sitting in town, or that time you spent all night in wonder, taking down drops and peco peco eggs in the Sograt desert as a Beta tester.  We can never truly go back, those timelines exist only in our memories now; but we can make new memories, just as meaningful and just as wondrous.  A new Timeline is calling you home.

Find out more by joining our Discord community at https://discord.gg/buCgdZHYUm and sign up to play at www.ragnaroktimelines.net!

Grand Opening - April 13th, 2024
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