- Ep 10.3 Pre-Renewal 1x/1x/1x 99/70

Started by vitalymn, Apr 14, 2024, 07:06 AM

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Our server provides an opportunity to experience Ragnarok Online in its original essence with our distinct retro server. This server recreates the game as it was initially experienced during its early years. It operates on the original eAthena 2006 code and has been skillfully modified to perform optimally on contemporary server hardware, offering a stable and reliable gaming environment.

  • Original Version: We exclusively use the original game client from January 2006, correcting only bugs to preserve the true spirit and balance of the game.
  • Autonomy of Gameplay: Gameplay management is entirely in the players' hands. There are no interventions or adjustments by the administration or GMs—your experience and your destiny in the game are solely your own.
  • Support through Forum: Full support is provided to every player, with all inquiries and issues being resolved exclusively through our forum. Here, experienced players and the administration are always ready to assist.
  • Freedom to Use OpenKore: The use of OpenKore, a program for automating actions in the game, incurs no penalties on our server. We acknowledge different styles of play and aim to provide the most comfortable conditions for all participants.
  • Experience Ragnarok Online in its original, pristine form, in a unique atmosphere where each player can truly influence the world and its destiny.

Basic Rates
  • x1 / x1 / x1
Detailed Rates
  • Normal Cards: x1 (0.01%)
  • MvP Drop: x1
  • MvP/Mini-Boss Cards: x1 (0.01%)
  • Item Based Drop: x1
  • Quest Exp Rate: x1
Server Information
  • Episode 10.3: Noghaltz, The Dwarf Kingdom (2006)
  • Server mode: Classic 2006 Pre-renewal
  • Emulator: eAthena
  • Max. Base Level / Job Level: 99/70
  • Max. Stats: 99
  • Max ASPD: 190
  • Instant Cast: 150 DEX
  • Party Share Range: 10 Levels
  • Minimum Skill Delay: 200ms
  • Minimum Usable Items Delay: 100ms
  • International Server
  • Server Language: English
  • Server Features
  • No custom items
  • No Healer, No Warper, No Job Changer

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