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Author Topic: The Fractured Realms - 5x/5x/1.5x  (Read 1563 times)

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The Fractured Realms - 5x/5x/1.5x
« on: Aug 01, 2022, 04:45 pm »

Server opened September, 24 2021

Level Cap 9999
5x/5x/1.5x rates (5x cards)

The required EXP for levels has been slightly adjusted at lower levels and of course levels beyond 250 have much different EXP requirements.

All 4th Tier of jobs have been added including expanded classes!

Unlock higher level cap by killing MVPs, rebirthing or doing other tasks!

Unlimited rebirths, unlock each class when you rebirth as them!

Run a second Sub-Job class and have access to all of your skills and gear (except weapons)!

Be a Dragon Knight using Cardinal skills or a Shadow Cross with Meister ABRs and Machine skills!

All gear can have random enchants that are based on the level of the monster that dropped them!

Modification gems allow you to change, upgrade and copy these enchants even a whole item can be copied in some cases!

All gear can have it's enchant grade improved, most gear goes up to A grade but level 5 weapons and level 2 armor go all the way to the 6th grade or SS grade!

A crafting NPC to craft nearly any costume in the game so you can have the look you want, you can also transfer your enchantments between costumes!

There is another crafting NPC to craft level 5 weapons and level 2 armors as well as upgrading them!

Portals have opened all over the world and have random maps in them containing random monster combinations events and an MVP if you clear it fast enough!

Some maps also have red portals that lead to higher level versions of that map!

Find Warp Stones around the world and teleport back to any warp stone you have already found (kafra teleports are disabled but airship/boats work).

A short video of a player fighting the Raid, damage numbers are turned off as are effects but it showcases the power of some class combos.

Visit the site and signup/download client:

Chat with us on Discord:

Check out the Wiki:

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