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Author Topic: Tales Of Sakray 5x5x5x | EP 11.1 Rachel (Pre-Renewal)  (Read 1500 times)

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Offline talesofsakray

WEBSITE: https://talesofsakray.com
JOIN US DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/xptbat9tGb

🔸Rates: 5x5x5x
🔸Beginning Episode: 11.1 Rachel (updates up to 13.2)
🔸Quest Rate: 5x
🔸Boss Rates: 5x
🔸Normal Card: 0.05%
🔸Boss Card: 0.01%
🔸Max ASPD: 190
🔸Share Party LvL: 10
🔸Classic Job Quests.
🔸Classic Job Platinium Quests.
🔸Classic Kafra Teleport & Airship System
🔸Classic BG (in EP 12)

🔸MultiLevel: OFF
🔸Autoloot: ON
🔸Repeatable EXP Quests: ON (Removed Items from Selling NPCs.)
🔸Homunculus does not receive a drop if you do not participate in battle
🔸Rodex not working inside WoE/BG
🔸Maya Purple & GTB Card disable in WoE. (kRO Setting)
🔸Metamorphosis skill from Increase Soil has been deleted.
🔸Autotrading characters are automatically disconnected after 7 days.
🔸Guild alliance has been disabled.
🔸Max guild member limit has been decreased to 24 (In same castle)
🔸Teleport skill skips menu when used at Level 1.

🔹Client date: 2018
🔹rAthena Emulador Date: UpToDate
🔹Fast Refresh
🔹Client per PC: 2
🔹AntiCheat: Gepard Shield
🔹Host: OVH USA
🔹Proxy 1: OVH EUROPE
🔹Proxy 2: LAS

NPCs in Game:
🔶Choose your language (ESP-ENG) of the custom NPCs.
🔶Cool Warper Staff(Warper): Warper unlockable per account. Dungeon and Main Town only, paid with Zeny.
🔶Tree of Life(Healer): In all towns. recover 200 HP and 3% missing SP in a given area (11x11) every 2 seconds
🔶Warper Party: Create a party with at least 5 members, you will be able to teleport the Party to different dungeons by paying with Zeny.
🔶Party ADS: Publish your Party to invite people.
🔶Guild Member Recluit : This NPC will help you find members for your guild quickly

🔴Sakray Treasure: Treasure that appears randomly on most maps.
🔴Dungeon Of The Week: Additional gain EXP in Dungeons (change every week)
🔴Hunt Missions: Randomly hunt monsters for stackable rewards.

Teleport System: Included Cool Warper Staff(Warper)
🔶Classic Airship Teleport Service ( Izlude -> Yuno -> Rachel | Yuno -> Hugel -> Einbroch -> Lighthalzen)
🔶Classic Kafra Teleport Service:
🔸🔸Prontera to -> Izlude | Geffen | Morocc | Payon | Alberta | OrcDungeon
🔸🔸Izlude to-> Geffen | Morocc | Payon | Aldebaran
🔸🔸Geffen to-> Prontera | Aldebaran | OrcDungeon | MineDungeon
🔸🔸Payon to-> Prontera | Alberta | Morocc
🔸🔸Morocc to-> Prontera | Payon | Alberta | Paros Lighthouse | Comodo
🔸🔸Alberta to-> Payon | Morocc | Prontera
🔸🔸Aldebaran to-> Geffen | Juno | Izlude | MineDungeon
🔸🔸Comodo to-> Paros Lighthouse | Morocc
🔸🔸Paros Lighthouse to-> Comodo | Morocc
🔸🔸Juno to-> Aldebaran

WEBSITE: https://talesofsakray.com
JOIN US DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/xptbat9tGb