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💜 RöstalgiA - Official Launch: May 29, 2021 - 5/5/5 - 99/70 - Ep. 9.0



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Episode 9.0, Progressive and Classic Gameplay.
Server opens up on May 29, 2021!

About Us
RöstalgiA is a new International Pre-Renewal Ragnarok Online low-rate server.
 Here, we strive to revive and help you relive all of those years you had so much fun
 playing Ragnarok before the Renewal era. Ragnarok Online can be customized
 in a lot of ways and we want to explore all of the possibilities in depth as much as we
 can to optimize your experience. We want to offer you a server that will provide
 new experiences, and loads of fun, all while keeping the nostalgia of the old days alive.

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We don't pretend to be another one of those servers out there that strictly
 intends to follow the official game content and updates, however, we want to be as close as
 possible to it but not that close. New content will be created from time to time to promise
 a very active and dynamic gaming experience.

Server Rates
• Base Exp: 5x
• Job Exp: 5x
• Quest Exp: 5x
• Normal Card Drop: 0.05%
• Miniboss Card Drop: 0.01%
• MVP Card Drop: 0.01%
• Misc Drop: 0.05%Server Settings
• Episode: 9, Rebirth
• Max Base Level: 99
• Max Job Level: 70
• Max Stats: 99
• Max ASPD: 190
• Instant Cast: 150 DEX
• Party Level Gap: 15
• Party Even Share: 15%
• Dual-Client: No
• Anti-Cheat: Gepard Shield 3.1
Server Highlights
• Map Of The Day
• Party Happy Hour
• Daily Login Rewards
• Level Up Rewards
• Random Options
• Champion Mobs
• Champion Buffs

Classic Road
No Healer
No Job Changer
No Warper
Old Memo Locations
PK MvP Locations
Area Pickup
No Multiclient

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