RagnaHeim - Pre-renewal 5x5x5 | Opening August 18th, 2023

Started by Vaan, Aug 02, 2023, 05:08 AM

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RagnaHeim is an international pre-renewal server focused to bring the classic gameplay along refreshing and innovative mechanics.
We aiming to offer the best and an unique experience.

Server Information
  🔸 Max Lv: 99/70
  🔸 Episode: 11.3 ~ Nameless Cursed Abbey
  🔸 Rates: 5x5x5 - Weekends +40% EXP
  🔸 Card Drop: 0,05% - Bosses: 0,01%
  🔸 MvP Drop: 3x

Technical Information
  🔸 Server Location: Virginia, US
  🔸 Security: Gepard Shield 3.0 + Anti no-delay
  🔸 International Community: English main language
  🔸 Party Cap: 16 members
  🔸 Party Share Level: 15 Lv

Server Features
  🔸 Item Rarity System:
      All equipment acquired from defeating monsters, opening boxes, and crafting by forge is assigned to a specific rarity category, which grants them randomized bonuses.
  🔸 Weapon Mastery System:
      This system is an extension of your Basic Stats. It allows you to level up and increase the proficiency of one of the 5 available masteries based on the weapon you have equipped.
  🔸 Hard Mode System:
      Choose between playing in normal mode or in hard mode and adjust your game experience in exchange for rewards.
  🔸 Dimensional Rift System:
      Generates a map every hour. Those maps are an exact copy of a field/dungeon with the difference that monsters inside are in a Fury State, making them stronger.
  🔸 Presence System:
      Rewards players activity earning points every 30 minutes and using them to buy consumables.
  🔸 Imbued Forge:
      A new forge system which allows you to insert a selected pool of cards into forged weapons.
  🔸 Skill Balancing:
      A complete overhaul in every job to improve and balance classes skills.
  🔸 Job Change Quest Rewards:
      Earn powerful rewards by completing job change quests. (Job Master still available).

For a full detailed info visit our Wiki!

📃 Website: https://ragnaheim.com
📃 Discord: https://discord.gg/EUDtCDkBKR
📃 Wiki: https://ragnaheim.com/wiki/