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Lupon Ragnarok Online Classic
« on: May 12, 2020, 08:48 pm »

Basic Server Information

1 Month old

Base: 5x
Job: 5x
Drop: 1x
Max Base Level: 99
Max Job Level: 50
Max ASPD: 190
Max Stats: 99
No Cast: 150 Dex
Godly Items: Disabled
MVP Cards: Disabled
Client: Maximum of 1

Detailed Drop Settings

Card Drops: 0.02%
Blueprints: 0.5% (5% on MVPs)
MVP Drop Rates: 1x
Boss Shards Rates: 1%
Freebies NPC

Saint Set
Saint Armor (Add 1% EXP Bonus to user, if below level 90, adds +100HP)
Saint Shoes (Add 1% EXP Bonus to user, if below level 90, adds +100HP)
Saint Gauntlet (Add 1% EXP Bonus to user, if below level 90, adds +50HP)
Saint Shield (Add 1% EXP Bonus to user, if below level 90, adds +100HP)
Saint Earrings (Add 1% EXP Bonus to user, if below level 90, adds +50HP)
Saint Pendant (Add 1% EXP Bonus to user, if below level 90, adds +50HP)

Custom Modifications

15% Bonus EXP per member in the party
Idle party members will not get any experiences
Max Guild ally is set to 1
MVP monster's health points has been increased by 100%
PK is enabled when the MVP monsters are alive and will automatically be disabled once the MVP dies.
Disabled Metamorph skill of Mi Gao
Loki's Veil is disabled during WOE
Creating a guild is disabled when the WOE is active
Endure will no longer give MDEF Bonus
Defending Aura will have a fixed 30% ASPD reduction
Dispel will have a 30% chance of failing in WOE and PVP
Banking System is disabled
Quagamire will affect teammates during WOE and in PVP
Double Strafe will consume 2 arrows
Arrow Shower consumes 10 Arrows
Blitz Beat damage will no longer be divided among the number of monsters
Thow Stone skill will have a 40% chance to stun
Sprinkle Sand skill will have a 35% chance to blind
Disabled teleport menu when used at level 1
Body Relocation skill will still require 1 sphere even if the user is in fury state
Extremety Fist will now have a 4 second cooldown
Alchemist's summoned monster will no longer drop anything
Anubis has been changed to Demihuman and Dark property
Traps will no longer affect guildmates during WOE.

Server Features

Mentor System
Enables a level 99 character to look for a student to train. Everytime the student gain levels, the master and the student will get a reward.
Faction System
Ignite your inner competitive nature by joining one out of four faction in the game. Join Relic War and gain global buff to the winning faction.
World Boss System
Call your friends, form a party, rally your guildmates and kill the World Boss! Summon the World Boss by completing the required number of sacrifical kills in the server.
Hourly Points System
Tired of the grind? Chill for a moment, talk to your friends, have a good time and earn points! Use this points to buy consumables to aid you in your grind.
Daily Reward System
Login daily to get your leveling supplies! Every player gets rewarded with supplies after playing for an hour daily. The rewards vary every day.
Item Blueprint System
Craft your own costume and get EXP and DROP bonus if you manage to complete the requirements! Find the cutest costume and the coolest one by kiling monsters in-game.
Synthesized Gear NPC
Trade your beloved headgear for more powerful one! A synthesized gear wields more stats that the original one due to the infusion of magical stones.
Streamer's Program
Stream the game and gain rewards! Join our streamer program to earn rewards while playing the game.
Lupon Center
A special in-game place where all the premium NPCs are there.
Automated Events
To make the game fun and exciting, scheduled automated events are implemented in-game. Win and get a Wombo Coin which you can exchange to get premium rewards!

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