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Solace Ragnarok Online
« on: Mar 29, 2015, 10:31 am »
Solace Ragnarok Online is not your typical private server. Our goal is to build a large community of Filipino gamers and revive Ragnarok Online in the Philippines. With our very close to official server rates, we’d like to give everyone the experience of exploring every map in Rune-Midgarts and to provide a stable and long-lasting home for the Filipino fans.
Ang Solace Ragnarok Online ay hindi ang iyong tipikal na private server. Layunin naming bumuo ng malaking samahan ng mga manlalarong Pilipino at muling buhayin ang Ragnarok Online sa Pilipinas. Sa halos katulad na rate nito sa official server, gusto naming maranasan ng lahat ang paggalugad sa bawat mapa sa Rune-Midgarts at mabigyan ng matatag at pangmatagalang server ang Filipino fans.

Complete Server Features:
Episode: 17 Nameless [Pure Pre-Renewal] (Based on Philippine Ragnarok Online)
Experience Rates: 1.00 / 1.00 [Base/Job]
Item / Equipment Drop Rates: 1.00 / 1.00 [Normal/MVP]
Card Drop Rates: 1.00 - 2.00 [Floating]
No Custom Items/Mobs
MVP Cards are enabled. [Through hunting]
All God Items are enabled. [Through the quest]
Revampled Battlegrounds. [Better than the traditional]
Dual Logging is disabled. [Game won't work with emulated computers. VMWare & Parallels Desktop]
Bots are blocked upon logging in. [99.8% Blocking Rate. There's no such thing as 100% AKA Immunity/Invulnerable]

Custom Features:
Best Headgears are available for Quest [Will be released seasonally, to keep the value and rarity]
Daily Monster Quest
Monthly Regional Rotation for Castles [FE & SE]
Region of the Month [Additional Experience for Selected Region]

Available Essential Commands:
@security - Enable or Disable item trading. Prevents item loss through hacking.
@mi - Checks the monster information in-game.
@whereis - Checks the spawn location of a specific monster.
@autotrade - This command is still under debate.

Other Information:
Donation Items are going to be limited to Usables and Cosmetics. There will be no Equipment or any other item that will give advantage to our server donors. (If ever there will be donors)
We, the staffs can pay the server bills regardless of the amount of donation we receive. (We are really serious about this and we're planning this since last year lol)

Gates will open on July 4, 2015. The date is still tentative and might be moved to an earlier date if we can finish the development before our deadline.
Our deadline is by the end of April. So we can start testing everything by May. We're also hiring Community Managers, Forum Moderators and Wiki Editors! Interested individuals please check this thread to see the requirements and guidelines.

Website: http://solaceragnarok.com
Community Boards: http://board.solaceragnarok.com
Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/solaceragnarok
Facebook Group: http://facebook.com/groups/solaceragnarok
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