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Started by Kami-no-Ragnarok, Mar 26, 2014, 08:04 AM

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Kami no Ragnarok is a lowrate Renewal Server
with rates 20x/20x/8x, that provides you
the latest working RO content and also
many custom NPC, Item, Monsters and Maps.
We also have the latest 3rd class Skill and the FULL Rebellion class.

For me as Admin, the most important thing
is to get a hint what my players wish for.
That's why our GM Team is almost
Everyday available for the players.

This project has started at 2014-03-11
that means its a fresh new Server to play on!

Other good things are:
NPCs: Warper, Healer(10 sec delay), Stylist, Platinum Skill,
          A NPC Blackmarket, PvP,WoE Warper, Quest Headgear Maker,
          Job Master, Rental, Elemental Converter.

Also the most NPCs are upgraded to exchange multiple Items at once.

MAPs: Our Custom Maps are all Selfmade so they just can be new to you.

QUESTs: Along with our Maps coming New Quests.
              The informations about the Quests are not written in the Forum like other Server would do...No...
              We provide a Rumor NPC that tells you a story so you can experience the new content by yourself.

MOBs: We have many different Custom Mobs and they not just spawn as Event Mobs or all forced on one map....Nooo~...
           They spawn naturally on Normal and custom Maps so you can experience new MVPs in dungeon that never had an MVP for example: Magma Dungeon
           Or the mobs of existing MVPs are changed for example: Eddga now spawns Baby Eddgas =)

ITEMs:Our Custom items are mostly available on our Custom Maps as drops or Created by Quest
           Just a few of them are for our Donation system.

DONATIONs: Hm they are not important... Mostly balanced and you can be better without donations but they gives you a easier start.

So join us now and have fun with friendly players :)
To the Registration
Kami no Ragnarok 20/20/8
Renewal. 3rd Classes up to Rebellion
Custom: Maps,Mobs,Quests,Items
NPCs: Warper, Job, Reset, PvP, Style, Healer...
Decent @commands like
autoloot, autotrade, load, rates, mi, ii, whodrops...