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RO-se 1/1/5 ; ep.12 ; 99/50



We are not seeking to be the best. We are ordinary guys with families, hobbies and fulltime job. We are not professional developers or scripters as well as we are not native EN speaking people, so sometimes we make a mistake. Still, we would like to create a lovely server which will be home for many of us. Our server is a bit twisted as our sexual imagination, but we are honest. We mix pre-renewal classic server and spice it up with few renewal things. If you are interested, just read 8 reason why you need to try ROse.

Website : https://ro-se.eu/
Discord : https://discord.gg/wSpX5EHZ

We blended further content with classic server and brings you a modern, yet nostalgic experience. /no1
We keep our server classic, but added amazing and rich episodic content up to 12 episode with all quests, monsters and equip. We changed all non wearable gear for 2nd class from these episodes to be applicable to them. Somehow we do wish to stay up-to-date with some things. We like few changes that were introduced by the Renewal or Zero mechanics, so we converted few Renewal-zero skills, balanced them and made them enjoyable to Pre-renewal environment.

You can find all information of our modifications here:
skill modifications: https://www.ro-se.eu/item-modifications/
item modifications: https://www.ro-se.eu/skill-modifications/

/lv Please, read 8 reasons why you need to join us and if you like it, just click to the icon below these reasons. /lv

1. Rate is 1, but our episode is 12. So you have a nice place with huge exp per hour like moscovia, rachel, abyss lake, ice dung, thor or bio. Its really different and much faster than other low rates with episode 5 to 8.

2. On the other side, our server has 3 to 5 drop rate, so you dont need to grind days or weeks to get your desired equip. You can start WoE as soon as possible!

3. We created huge party bonuses and extended party size to 18 people, which could be a pretty motivating. Now, you can reach 205% party bonus.

4. There are lot of challenging MVPs from this episode as Kiel, Ifrit, Fallen, Beelzebub, Thanatos, Satan, Valkyrie, etc. You just need to find a right tactic and squad to kill them and obtain nice pieces of gear.

5. You need to reinvent your builds a bit because all of non-wearable equip for 2nd class from this episodes are now wearable.

6. We improved few characters by skill modification. Now Assassin, Blacksmith, Rogue, Alchemist will be one of the most valuable and most playing characters on WoE, PvP and PvM.

7. We optimized our WoE times to demand of our community. We know that WoE is most essencial thing in RO and thats why We dont want to challenge big servers as origins, talon, solace or others.

8. Imagine what will happen if you have 1st class character squad or Super novice squad which will go to WoE. Yeah, someone will tell "this is s*** cause of mana and HP or skills". However, we think it will be fun and thats the reason why we are creating creating special WoE grounds for these classes. This grounds will consume less mana than normally and have little buffs classes. Come to play with us and get some nice treasures!


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