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retRO is a low rate (1x/1x/1x) classic server in a fixed pre-Renewal setting and official-like gameplay. We aim to emulate the classic feeling of old, which many -us included- miss in today’s servers. What sets us apart from most private servers is the lack of a donation system, a cash shop and game-changing / breaking custom NPCs. This means there is absolutely no pay2win on our server and there never will be.

We started our server on 22.01.2021 with Episode 5 and are now on Episode 8. Rebirth will be coming to our server eventually, however this will take some time as we also want enough players to have max level characters to actually be able to use Rebirth.

Our server is inspired by the classic euRO server and follows its episodic release schedule with a slow release cicle, so you will have enough time to enjoy the content.

retRO has a single client restriction, so there is no multi clienting.
We offer you our very own Master Account system, where each player can create his allowed 3 Game Accounts. With our Master Storage you can move items among all characters of the Master Account. With our Master Banker you can move Zeny among all characters of the Master Account.

With our AWS Global Accelerator we offer you a lag-free gaming experience.

WoE is enabled and competitive, God Items are also enabled and so are MVP and Mini Boss Cards.

If we've got you interested, check out our promotional video at


and visit us at: https://retro-online.eu/

Or join our discord at: https://discord.gg/m4st3zKr59

retRO Staff


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