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Author Topic: RagnaSEA - Play2Win not Pay2Win  (Read 605 times)

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RagnaSEA - Play2Win not Pay2Win
« on: Mar 28, 2021, 12:12 am »
Hi !! We are here to announce our server, RagnaSEA !!

So, what is RagnaSEA ?
RagnaSEA is a Ragnarok Server based on emulator rAthena, and the server's location is on Singapore, so we welcome South East Asia region player and also all around the world to make a story and friendship in this server.
Our server will be based on Renewal, currently we're planning to release server as Job 2-1 2-2 and Expanded Class and by time we will release it untill the newest class and episode available

Yes.. yes.. yes.. but.. what makes you different ?
We are focusing on our motto
Play2Win not Pay2Win /gg
so there will never be any advantages that donator will have compared to other player, and since we play Ragnarok also to customize our character to look good then Every Costume is available and able to get only in game, so you can't just donate to get costume, you must earn it in game, we are not selling these in our cash shop. Details of the features will be described below[/size]

Wow, then what are all of the Server Features ?
Here is all of the list of features that available on our server
  • Server online 24x7 hours a week, minimal downtime
  • Singapore server location for the best and stable connection
  • Main Language : English
  • Episode : Episode 13.1 : Ash Vacuum
  • Max Job : Job 2-1, Job 2-2, Expanded Class Available
  • Transcendent and Third Class will be added in the future
  • Max Level/Job Level : 99/50
  • Base EXP : 5x
  • Job EXP : 5x
  • Drop Rate : 3x Common, 1,5x Usable, 3x Common Cards, 2x Mini Boss / MVP Cards
  • Party Item Distribution (Even Share) : Round Robin (yeayy !! for support class)
  • Party Level Range : 15
  • Player Command : @autotrade, @mobinfo, @iteminfo, @whodrops, @whereis, @autoloot, @alootid, @autoloottype

Okay, what about Cash Shop and Vip, what is inside ?
Your contribution will help us maintenance our server and implement features (since i'm not a professional programmer XD), Our motto Play2Win not Pay2Win /no1, here is the details of the cash shop and vip
  • Cash Shop : Megaphone, Battle Manuals, Token of Siegfried and Bubble Gum
  • VIP system will only increase Base EXP and Job EXP 50%, no any extra benefit
  • ALL costume and equipment ONLY obtainable from in game, cashshop will NOT contain these
  • All Cash Shop Ring and Scrolls will ONLY obtainable from in game, cashshop will NOT contain these

Wow, wow, i am so excited to join, how do i join ?
Currently the server is still closed to public, so stay tuned here or at our website ragnasea.com, also we have discord server head to our website for details  /kis
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