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RagnarokLOS [Classic | PVP/WOE | PLAY2EARN | RMT Legal]




Invite your friends, guildmates and let's all battle and reach the top together. Don't forget to pre-register your account so you can receive additional supplies when you login on our opening day!

Download: https://bit.ly/ROLOSDownload
Register Now: https://bit.ly/ROLOSCreateAccount
Official Group: https://bit.ly/ROLOSGroup
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/5tcTs98J8a

We promise our players to give them a classic and nostalgic gameplay and at the same time a progressive server to give them more things to look forward to. These are the important and big updates. We also have a weekly server maintenance- this is to maintain the server and make it bug-free. We will host an event every after server maintenance which will be conducted by our Event GM.

And YES, you've read that right. We will be having our Season 1 Agit Lords this coming April 1 - May 6 with a total prize pool of 50,000 Pesos! This will be where the donations will go and for the betterment of our server. We will surely give back to the community!


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