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Started by FlexRO, Jun 13, 2023, 06:37 PM

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Join FlexRO now and embark on a journey tailored to your preferred playstyle. Experience a balanced economy, engage in fierce PvP and WoE battles, conquer challenging raids and MvPs, and immerse yourself in exciting seasonal events. Grand opening July 15, 2023!

Server Website: https://flex-ro.com
Server Forum: https://flex-ro.com/forums
Server Discord: https://flex-ro.com/discord.php

Base/Job Rates: Choose from flexible rates tailored to your preference:
- 1x/1x: Earn 2500 Flex Coins & receive a 10M Zeny bonus.
- 5x/5x: Gain 500 Flex Coins & enjoy a 2M Zeny bonus.
- 10x/10x: Acquire 250 Flex Coins & receive a 1M Zeny bonus.
- 20x/20x: Receive 125 Flex Coins & a 500k Zeny bonus.
- Note: These rates are set individually for each character upon creation.

Server Highlights:

- Pre-Renewal: Experience the nostalgia of a pre-renewal environment.
- MaxLvl: Reach the pinnacle of power at 99/70.
- Job Quests: Embark on a unique journey to advancement. Gain 250 bonus Flex Coins for reaching this milestone without using the Job Changer NPC.
- Transcendent Classes: Unlock transcendent classes at level 95/50 without requiring rebirth. Go straight from 2-1 or 2-2 into transcendent class, skipping high novice and 1st classes.
- Hardcore Challenge:  Rates 1x/1x with 1 Life (Optional)
- PvP, WoE, and Battlegrounds 2.0[/b]: Engage in thrilling player versus player combat and strategic War of Emperium battles. Partaking in PvP activity will be heavily rewarded, and at times, requires.
- Unlock PK Mode: upon reaching level 99 for thrilling open-world player killing and competitive MvP hunting battles.
- MvP Hunting and Raids[/b]: Challenge powerful MvPs, summon your own MvP in private rooms, and participate in exciting raid instances. We plan on taking raids and instance dungeons to a whole new level.
- Seasonal Events: Experience exciting seasonal events with special rewards and unique gameplay features. Each seasonal event will have its own set of themed headgears and pets.
- 2x Wild MvP Spawns: The respawn time has been cut in half, and paired with PK, it is meant to encourage plenty of hunting battles.
- Optional Custom Headgears: Options to enable or disable custom headgear sprites.

Economy Control:
- Zeny Sinks: Engage in various activities and transactions, including rental fees, skill and stat resets, stylist services, and more. Several cosmetic headgears, consumables and services will further help us control the market prices.
- Flex Coins: Utilize the official currency of FlexRO to obtain cosmetic headgears, headgear enchants, pet tames, consumables, character customization services, and other rewards. The earning rate to be about 1 Flex Coin per minute while actively partaking on a feature. These coins are also available via donation.
Engaging End-Game Content:

Quality of Life Enhancements:
- Convenience: Access Warper, Healer, Buffer, Reset, Rental, and Kafra services at every city through the Main NPC.
- Various QoL adjustments to improve gameplay experience and balance.
- Stable 2021 Ragnarok client with new interface and several stability and QoL improvements.
- Gepard Protection 3.0 against bots and macros.

Server Specs:
- Server Location: West Coast, USA
- Proxies: Australia, East Coast, USA, Germany, Singapore
- DDoS Protection up to 10GB/S
- 1000mbps/Dedicated port/connection
- 16 cores @ 3.7GHz, 32GB RAM, 2 SSD 500GB Hard Drives
- Capacity to host up to 3,000 players with no lag

Several staff and game master positions are open!
Administrator at FlexRO
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