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Author Topic: RagnaCORP Semi-Roguelike  (Read 2708 times)

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RagnaCORP Semi-Roguelike
« on: Jun 06, 2022, 08:50 pm »
With many more unique systems

Website: http://www.ragnacorp.com.br/roleplay/
Account Registration: http://www.ragnacorp.com.br/roleplay/?module=account&action=create
Join us on Discord:  https://discord.gg/ASAYzqd
WIKI https://ragnacorp.com.br/wikirp/index.php/Main_Page

Have you ever imagined a Ragnarok like this? 

  • Character feels hungry, tired and gets sick.

    Semi-Roguelike (life system): https://ragnacorp.com.br/wikirp/index.php/Guardian_Angel

    Fishing and mining, equipment drops and different ways to level up than the traditional one. Custom episode based on treasure hunt. (Treasures around)

    Powerful monsters and treasures can appear on any map, more valuable treasures are always hidden by more powerful monsters.

    Adventurers Guild with Tier for your character:  https://ragnacorp.com.br/wikirp/index.php/Adventure_Tier

    Neo Item System: Creation of items with infinite possibilities because of the NEO crafting system, allowing unique, legendary items.


    Class 2 ONLY, Own server balance and customization. This and much more feats!

    Quick guide to some features for a good evolution in the game.

    Check our wiki

🔹 Commands @hunger @monsterinfo @whodrops @check_coll @refresh @autoloot @showexp
🔹125/70 second classes.
🔹 Rates Base 10x JOB 10x /Quest, Treasure Hunt, Monsterkill based).
🔹Refine max = +20
🔹Exclusive NEO system
🔹PvP and PK systems
🔹 Guild Rent Places
🔹Special events like Geffen Tower and our custom WOE (PVM) and battleground (pvp)
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