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Started by Wyveernn, Mar 05, 2024, 03:40 PM

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EDIT: Project in development.

We're excited to announce that the project is currently in development. There's no set opening date or BETA launch yet. We're diligently working to ensure everything is perfected before release. Stay tuned for further updates on the project's progress.

The server will be based on the Europe/Madrid time zone and will be hosted in either France or Germany (still deciding). Plus, we'll have an international proxy for connections worldwide! 🌍

What do we highlight in RagnaTime?

  • Enchant Item Bonus: This feature was removed due to its high level of customization compared to the Ragnarok Online gameplay.
  • We have International Proxy: You can connect from anywhere in the world, enjoying minimal latency.
  • No autoloot, but Arealoot command enabled: We completely change the farming and gameplay experience by enabling the Arealoot function, allowing you to collect items within a 3x3 cell range.
  • Maximum 2 clients per PC: We understand that dual clienting is highly requested nowadays, so we've allowed a maximum of 2 clients. However, we've implemented various modifications to prevent abuse of dual clienting. You won't be able to use character autofollow, you need to be within visual range to receive experience, and obviously, you won't receive experience or party drops if you're AFK.
  • Elimination of Classic Exploits: We've removed classic Ragnarok Online errors or exploits, such as the MiGao metamorphosis and infinite drops from the ChangeJobQuest, among others.
  • Several Quality of Life (QoL) and balance changes: We've adjusted various aspects of the game to make life easier within it.

Website: https://ragnatime.com
Server Information: https://ragnatime.com/wiki
Discord Group: https://discord.gg/yvxKHdjCVs

Server Configuration
Server Name: RagnaTime
EXP/Job Rate: x5
Drop Rate: x1
Card Drop: 0.05%
Quest Rate: x1
Pet Intimacy: x1
Homun Intimacy: x1

General Information
Server Mode: Pre-Renewal
Episode: 13.1 Ash Vacuum
Emulator: rAthena
PartyShareLvL: 15 LvL
Minimum Skill Delay: 200ms
Server Language: English, but all languages are welcome!
Server Type: International

Server Features
Autoloot: Disable
Arealoot: Enable
MultiClient: 2
MultiLevel: Disable
Repeatable Quest: Enable
For other features see the main page.

Technical Information
Client Security:    Gepard Shield
ADelays Security: Private Internal Security
Main Host Location: France or Germany.
AntiDDoS: Enable
International proxy: Enable