Project World of Ragnarok | #1 Revo-Classic Renewal | 120/70 | 5x Rates 1% Card

Started by GM CaptMarvel, Mar 01, 2024, 09:28 PM

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GM CaptMarvel

Server is officially launching April 20, 2024. The goal of Project World of Ragnarok is to implement Revo-Classic features into Renewal and re-balance 3rd + 4th job skills to encourage party-leveling once again.

This is a server for the community, made by the community. Where your voice is welcomed and heard - we regularly have polls to decide on implementation of new in-game features.

Download Link Here:

Server Features:
- 120/70 (3rd+4th Jobs) 2x/2x/5x + 1% Card Drop
- Pre-Re Cast, All Equip Random Options, Double Attack Crit
- All Mob Cast Skills + Active Skill Dodging
- Bonus Item, Spell, Stat Effects
- QoL: Reset Girl, Warper, Faster HP/SP Regen, Increased Weight
- No P2W Cash Shop
- Proxies, Gepard 3.0, Anti-DDoS Protection

Future Updates:
- 1v1 / 3v3 PvP Arenas w/ MMR
- GvG Castle Siege (Declare war and players set time for siege)
- Player Housing + Farming, Fishing, Trade Runs