Project Sunshine is coming in March 30th! 5x5x5x - 11.3 Nameless Island (Pre-Re)

Started by Project Sunshine, Feb 11, 2024, 05:30 PM

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Project Sunshine

Project Sunshine is a long-awaited project that we have been wanting to implement for a very long time. We have used our years of experience with the game to create our own vision and smooth out some of the rough edges. We do not want to change the game from scratch, but rather make it more accessible to the people of today. We have achieved this by making small but effective and targeted changes to the quality of life.

Server Information:
Max. Level: 99/70
Base/Job Exp: 5x
Quest Exp: 5x
Equip Drop: 5x
Card Drop: 5x

MVP Drop: Individual
Mini-Boss Drop: 3x
MVP/Mini-Boss Card: 2x

Server Episode: 11.3 Nameless Island (Pre Renewal)
Max. Clients per PC: 2
Gepard Shield protection 3.0

Max. Stats: 99
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
Max. Aspd: 190
Partyrange: 15 Level (and 10% Bonus per Party member)
Item Card Droprate: 3x (such as Mimic and Mystcase)
Emulator: rAthena
Server location: Finnland

Two things we would like you to know right off the bat:

1. Multiclienting in Ragnarok
In recent years, it has become a trend to enforce singleclient, so that players are dependent on each other and thus make parties together. There are always two factions: "We want singleclient" and "We want unlimited multiclient".
We have opted for the middle ground!
Two clients per person.
This allows you to go on adventures alone, but you are still dependent on the help of others when it comes to lategame content.

2. Bugs, exploits and cheese
Through our two decades of experience as players, we have seen many things and know the problems of the game very well. Unfortunately, we see far too often that almost every server has serious bugs and exploits without them being fixed in time, or ever being fixed at all, thus disrupting the economy and game balance in the long run. This is always off-putting and discouraging, especially for new players.

If you are interested to see what Project Sunshine has to offer, make sure to check us out!  /no1