Yars World (Pre-Renewal 5x 5x 5x)

Started by iradiax, Nov 27, 2023, 03:50 PM

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Welcome to Yars World,

a low Rate Pre-Renewal Server just started 3 month ago.

With many balance-changes to classes and skills, cheat and macro protection, unique random options on items, many anti-inflation changes and an only cosmetics cash-shop it`s all about getting the most balanced gameplay possible. To support that even more, important decisions are made through votes from the community.

Check all changes and settings on

Website: Yars World

Experience rates

Base Experience: 5x
Job Experience: 5x
Quest Experience: 2x
Pet/Homunculus Intimacy: 3x

Drop rates

Drops: 5x
MvP Drop: x5
Normal Cards: x5 (0.05%)
MvP/Mini-Boss Cards: x3 (0.03%)

Server Features

New Seasons every 2-3 months with new content
Item Random Options with a unique balanced system
Poring Coins System
Reset NPC
No Job Changer
No Healer
Unlockable Warper to Quest Dungeons
Daily Attendance Rewards
Repeatable Quests
Freebie Pack
Max. 2 Clients at once
Cosmetics Cash Shop
Market Search on Website

General Server Information

Episode: 13.1 Ash Vacuum (Latest Pre-Renewal content with customised changes each Season)
Server mode: Pre-renewal
Max. Base Level: 99 / 99 (No Rebirth / Rebirth)
Max. Job Level: 50 / 70 (No Rebirth / Rebirth)
Max. Stats: 99
Max ASPD: 190
Instant Cast: 150 DEX
Party Share Range: 15 Levels
Minimum Skill Delay: 200ms
Minimum Usable Items Delay: 100ms
Server Language: English
Server Time: CET (Central European Time)
Server location: Frankfurt, Germany
Gepard 3.0
Bot Protection
Anti-macro (includes blocking macro of gaming mouses/keyboards)