Project YGGDRASIL RO - International server (100% free to play)

Started by Umbrella, Dec 22, 2015, 07:33 PM

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Hello everyone,

I have the huge pleasure today to introduce to you a new ragnarok server entitled Project YGGDRASIL RO. This is a new RO server 100% free to play, low-rates 7x/7x and well balanced.


PYRO is a Ragnarok Online server managed by a team with multiple skills and experience. You'll find here a game just as in your memories, but completed by an up-to-date client and loads of customs contents. All our added custom are well-balanced.

An enjoyable gameplay

On PYRO, we've made the choice to keep the rates pretty low (7/7/5), and add a lot of contents, totally optionnal, to ensure every player to find its delight.

Of course, we'll try to keep the game as stable and fair as possible. For this reason, we've decided to completely remove some unfair stuff, such as battleground equipement pieces.

Moreover, you'll never have to fear loosing some personal datas : PYRO is running over a powerfull and secured host machine :  we make daily backups, administered by a professional network administrator.

We developed some exclusive features... only for you ! If you need more information about those specific features, feel free to ask.

Alright, alright... next are some of them :

1. The Yggdrasil System :

The main custom content, it's actually a massive dongeon where the level of difficulty is extremely high.  It requires a pretty long period of dumping to be able to move forward properly inside it. This is an adaptation of the Sword Art Online anime for Ragnarok.

2. Yggdrasil Memories System :

It's the second main feature. It's a card collection system with trade, theft, quests. This system requires a long period of dumping as well. It's an adaptation of Greed Island from Hunter x Hunter.

3. The Steel Soul System :

It's an amazing feature that you all guys should enjoy. It brings you the possibility of choosing  a weapon of steel and bind your experience to develop it.

And we have more:

-No BGs items. (BGs are still available)
-You have to unblock your destination at the warper services
-Custom Instances
-Tons and tons of quests (about 150 to get some hats)
-And a lot more to discover....

We do our best to give our players the best experience as possible.  /lv

Join us and become a new adventurer.

Our forum :

Some screenshots :

We hope to hear very soon from you guys,