PlayRagna Classic 99/50 Ragnarok Online [4x/4x/20x]

Started by PlayRagnaOnline, Dec 14, 2015, 02:35 AM

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PlayRagna Classic 99/50 Ragnarok Online!
4x/4x/20x (MVP Drops 1x)

Launched: January 23 2016!
Free to Play Forever!
HuskyShield AntiCheat Protected!
Ultimate DDOS Protection!
Daily Login Rewards!
1st Tier Dungeon and Field Warper!
Bounty Quests, Headgear Quests!
No Custom Equipments!

A new era of transformation! Enjoy 4x/4x/20x from today until FOREVER!
Join a fresh and growing community that's blends the old classic feeling and the new exciting features that Ragnarok Online has to offer!
Lots of stuff to keep you busy and play with friends!
Never a Pay-to-Win Server!
It's not just your Ordinary RO, It's PlayRagna RO!
What are you waiting for? Join us now! Bring your friends in! :D

— • Server Rates Information • —
Base / Job EXP : 4x/4x
Normal / MVP Drop Rate: 20x/1x
Weekend Floating Rates
Base / Job EXP : upto 7x/7x
Normal Drop Rate: upto 5x
MVP Drop Rates: Untouched 1x

— • Server Site Links • —
Community Forums:
Facebook Page:
Client Download:

— • Server Feature Information • —
Grand Launch: 23rd of January 2016!
HuskyShield Protected!
International Server!
Pre-trans | Classic | 99/50 | Upto 2nd and 2nd alternate jobs only!
Classic Payon, Morroc and Alberta!
Classic Setup!
Low Rate | Hunting Server | Party-based | WoE!
No God items, No Overpowered items!
Cash Shop: Only for Style(Costumes) and Utility!
Many ways to gain Cash Points, not just by donating!
Bounty Quests!
Daily Monster Hunting Quest!
Daily Login Rewards!
PvP: Murder Sessions!
Game of Thrones!
3x WoE per week!
Auto Events!
Vote for Points (8 sites with 12-hour Cooldown)!

— • Server Hosting Information • —
Optimized to serve USA West, Europe and Asia!
Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
Ultimate DDOS Protection
1 Gbps transfer rate
Dedicated Server
Los Angeles, California

— • Server Mechanics Information • —
2-1 Class 2-2 Class
Pre-Trans | Classic
Max base Lvl: 99
Max Job Lvl: 50
Primary Language: English

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