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Author Topic: NiktoutRO Classic Old School EP 4 | 5x/5x/3x | Web Browser | Mobile UI  (Read 2577 times)

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Offline Niktout

Hello everyone,
NiktoutRO Classic LR 5/5/3 Episode 4 99/50 2-1 Jobs is a server playable by Web Browser and on every Touch Screen devices with its custom Mobile UI. Full client is also available at the following links:

*  Discord: https://discord.gg/xKFkCMNXph
*  Account creation: https://classiccp.niktoutro.com/?module=account&action=create
*  Web browser version of the game: https://classicweb.niktoutro.com/
*  Control Panel link: https://classiccp.niktoutro.com/
*  Server Features: https://classiccp.niktoutro.com/pages/content/?path=features
*  Client download at: https://classiccp.niktoutro.com/pages/content/?path=downloads
*  Rules: https://classiccp.niktoutro.com/pages/content/?path=rules
*  FAQs: https://classiccp.niktoutro.com/pages/content/?path=faq
*  Server changelog on our discord channel at https://discord.gg/VuvbcmnURb
*  Server's RO Browser bug/todo list (WIP) : https://forums.atomixro.com/index.php/topic,3.0.html

- Official Server Features:
* Classic Features from 2003
* Currently at Episode 4, planning to go up to Episode 8 over time.
* Only 2-1 jobs are available at the start, 2-2 will be available once we update the server to Episode 5+ . No ETA.
* WoE is curently DISABLED but will be running on Wednesday and Sunday with different castles for each WoE.
Note: RO Browser doesn't support 3D sprites and Castles Treasure Chests have been disabled.
* No Cash nor Vote Shop.
* Updated cards and gears stats until recent days, this will give everybody some stats boosts to make your journey more comfortable.
* Job Changer + Free weapon on job change related to your class.
* Basic Tools/Armors/Weapons Shops for every jobs.

- Custom Server Features
* Use @commands to know every available commands
* Party Share Limit: 20 Levels difference
* Quest Warper: Allows you to warp to a new discovered city or dungeon.
* Autotrade persistency: Keep your shops online after a server restart
* Guild Storage from Castles.
* Unlimited Castles & 0 Guild alliance.
* Slotted sunglasses quest available ! Slotted Sunglasses Quest Guide https://irowiki.org/wiki/Headgear_Quests#Slotted_Sunglasses_Quest
* A Starter Pack is available as freebies ! Read this topic to know its content: https://forums.atomixro.com/index.php/topic,2.0.html
* Stylist.
* Banker.
* +1 armor refine = +1 DEF instead of +0.66 so you can be more tanky.
* PvP Arena with Unreal Tournament sounds on killing spree.
* Settings NPC to allow to change autoloot %, showexp and other commands.
* Monsters give zeny to help you out during your journey here.
* MvP Ranking.
* Chicken Event (manual)
* Automated Devil Square (hard) Event.
- Gameplay
* Episode 4 (2003)
* Rates: 5x/5x/3x (Base Exp / Job Exp / Drop Rate)
* Max Base Level: 99
* Max Job Level: 50
* Max Stats: 99
* Max ASPD: 190

* Alberta
* Aldebaran
* Comodo
* Geffen
* Izlude
* Lutie
* Morocc
* Prontera
* Payon

* Aldebaran Dungeon
* Anthell
* Beach Dungeon
* Byalan Dungeon(From Izlude > Talk to Sailor)
* Clock Tower
* Geffen Dungeon
* Glastheim
* Geffen & Payon Guild Dungeons(accessible from opened Castles) (N/A)
* Sphinx
* Izlude Dungeon
* Mjolnir Dead Pit(Coal Mine)
* Pyramid
* Orc Dungeon
* Payon Dungeon
* Prontera Maze
* Prontera Sewer
* Sunken Ship
* Turtle Island
* Xmas Dungeon

- Starter Pack:

The Starter Pack is limited to 1x per account and contains the following items:

- 600x Novice Potions
- 2x Box of 50 Light White Potions
- 2x Box of 25 Light Blue Potions
- 1x Unslotted Shoes
- 1x Unslotted Muffler
- 1x Unslotted Mantle
- 1x Rainbow Eggshell
- 1x Dead Branch
- 5x Yggdrasil Leaf
- 5x Concentration Potions
- 400x Novice Fly Wing
- 30x Novice Butterfly Wing
- 20x Novice Magnifiers
- 1x Blade [3]
- 3x Battle Manual +50% (30 Minutes)
- 3x Job Battle Manual +50% (30 Minutes
- 2x Megaphone Box (10ea)

- Extras:
* NO DUAL CLIENT in our full client
* Fast GM support on Discord
* Growing population where everything is doable with rng god upon the players nowadays.
* Any players who never had the chance to play RO during its early stages are also welcome to feel the ambiance & challenge that RO used to be and also the joy of old monster spawns which were amazing to level up like Churchyard or Prison which were the main level spots back in 2002~2004.

- There is an extra freebies event running from today to September 15th which can be redeemed once per account, every old & new players are able to claim the following items from the Freebie NPC located in Prontera:

* 5x Field Manual 100%. Double Base & Job  EXP rates for 30 minutes per Field Manual
* 2x Light White Potion Box.  Gives 50x Light White Potions per box
* 30x Blue Light Potions
* 100x Novice Fly Wing
* 20 Novice Butterfly Wing
* Slotted Glasses

Let us know any suggestion or report you may have to improve the server and let your friends know about the server so they can give it a try 🙂

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