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MuhRO - 20x / 20x / ~20x ~ all new classes ~ Renewal Episode 18




We are a guild that has come together to make our idea of a renewal server come true.
For this we have spent the last half year creating a server based on KRO.
KRO, but with our custom quality of life changes.
And we're just at the beginning of this journey.

Open Beta started on 08 September 2021, but you don't have to fear of any wipes.

If you ever wanted to be part of the early days of a server and want to help forming it, this is your chance!

Our friendly team is open to positive as well as negative feedback.
Any suggestions / wishes will be listened to - of course some may be denied ;)

Have a look, maybe you hear a moo here and there.

General Informations



Type: Renewal with all new classes 4th Jobs & Expanded Jobs
EXP Rates: Base 20x / Job 20x
Drops: logarithmic 20x
(this means the lower the usual drop chance is, the higher the bonus)
Normal / Miniboss Cards: 0.10%
MVP Cards: 0.02%
Max Base Level: 250
Max Job Level: 70 (dependent upon Job)
Max Aspd: 193

Server Location: EU (France)
Server Time: UTC

Staff's Languages: English, German


* Master Accounts
* Custom Commands
* Automated Events
* Unified RoDex
* Game Launcher
* Updated Eden
* Vending Map
* Daily Rewards
* Main Office
* Login Settings
* all up to date Costume Enchants available
* all up to date Shadow Equipment available
* Reworked Refinement
* Item Reforming (upgrading old weapons/equipment to new)
* Item Grading (upgrading old weapons/equipment to new)
* Many more and lots to come ~
Hope to see you soon ~

Muh ~


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