IdunRO | 5x/5x/5x | Classic experience | QoL improvements! Grand Opening!

Started by Idun, Jul 08, 2023, 01:00 PM

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IdunRO - An old adventure awaits you!
-What do we offer?
IdunRO is a new Low Rate Pre-renewal server that attempts to bring the classic feel of Ragnarok Online back to it's former glory.
We strafe to stick close to the original game while adding Quality of Life features.

-General Server Info
+ Pre-Renewal / Episode 11.3
+ RATES: 5x/5x/5x
+ CARD DROPS: 0.05% NORMAL/ 0.01% MVP
+ MAX LEVEL/STAT/ASPD: 99/99/190
+ No Customs
+ No Pay2Win
+ No Multi-client

-We've added multiple quality of life features and commands, below a few examples:

This command will upgrade your party menu and display in realtime which buffs are active on each party member.

alootid2 allows you to set up autoloot lists and save/load them, this way you can easily adjust autoloot settings on the fly.

Upgraded versions of the whobuys and whosells commands, including a user interface and direct access to the shops. (usable in town)

LTP shows your last position on the mini map from before you teleport/flywing.

Killcount allows you to track the amount of kills you have on up to 5 mobs at a time

+And many more!

-Quality of life features:

+Fully functional adventurer/looking for party system
Easily search and sign up for parties!

+Dungeon of the day
Each day 1 dungeon has enhanced EXP

+Rigged rates community goal
Donate zeny to an npc collectively to boost the rates for 12 hours!

+Monster coin
This items drops from almost all monsters and can be traded for consumables and costumes!

+75% additional zoom out
Get a clealer view of your surroundings

+Option to hide pets and homunculus & Option to hide player shops
Reduce clutter on screen

+Guildstorage + Guildstorage log
See who supplied items and whom took them.

+Account setting button
Easily adjust what commands are used on login.

+Unlockable warpa
Unlock warps to quest dungeons after completing the dungeon quest

+Enhanced regeneration
Faster regen while sitting and regen up to 70% overweight

+Improved dressing room
New system to adjust clothing/hair.

+Adjustable target dummies
Test your builds!

+Improved inns
Longer duration agi/bless!

+And more!


+Donation rewards will only be cosmetic.
Everyone should be on the same playing field. Donations will be used for server advertisement.
+Donation credits Farmable
Donation credits can be farmed through killing mvps so no cosmetic items are locked behind a paywall.

Interested? Visit our website at:

or join our discord at: