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Started by Linniz, Jun 15, 2023, 12:48 AM

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Custom SUBCLASS system! /ok
More information in the Discord!

Club Wayfarer is a brand new server hosted in the US-Central area that is currently in beta.

Our goal is to create a unique experience letting players play with a subclass system that allows the players to have the abilities of two classes at once!
This server is created as a long-term hobby and project not only for myself, but hopefully for others of the Ragnarok community as well.

This means that no matter how low the player count, as long as there is ONE player on the server, I will keep it up and running, as the cost is minimal at best to my expenses.

Aside from the Subclass system, focus of the customization will be PARTY content, as well as more modern and natural PVP content integration.
Longevity of the server is also of concern, as such, MVP cards and god items will be balanced around normal cards and items, as alternative ultra-end-game content that does not power-creep the player base will be developed.

Donations will never offer anything that could be traded or give player advantages. Currently there is no way for you to even donate, if allowed in the future, all donations will go towards server development costs.

Basic Information
Server location: US Central
Database: Pre-Renewal
Rates: 5x/5x/5x
Max LVL: 99/140 (Job EXP requirement lowered)
Max ASPD: 193
Instant Cast: 150
Party Share Range: 50
Party Bonus EXP: 50% per additional member
Autoloot: Enabled
Dungeon Warp: 1st floor with Zeny cost.
Client limit: 1
Job change: Custom NPC
Gepard Shield
Account Creation using _M and _F

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