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Started by Legacy Of Nightwind, Jul 02, 2023, 08:12 PM

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Legacy Of Nightwind

This is Ragnarok Online in a whole new light, we have taken the base of the game and improved upon it to where we felt it should've gone, where all classes have multiple builds that are viable and fun and unique,no longer will one class and build dominate everything. To accomplish this we have rebalanced Skills, Items, Cards, Monsters and MVP's from Official Content and have/are adding new content on a regular basis

Server Information
Episode : Custom Content + All Official in time, Currently 4th jobs 
Permanent No Level Penalty enabled (like in pre-renewal)
Mode : Renewal
Rates : 5/5/2
Max Level : 250/60
Share Range: 30 Levels
2021 Client
Removed the Need for Quests to Access Dungeons & Instances
Combat has been rebalanced to create a more dynamic and fun experience ! - more info can be found on our wikipedia
Over 900 costumes obtainable - More being added regularly
Daily Login Reward System (unique rewards for logging in every day)
Alternative 3rd Job Outfit (jRO alternative job outfits available for zeny)
Global Instance Resets (all daily instances reset at midnight, all weekly's reset at Tuesdays at midnight)
Unique Server Event System (Zodiac sign system that triggers different events each week)
Unique Item System (All Equipment drop with Random Enchants ontop of their normal stats)
Unique Currency System (being able to turn in gear for tokens and turn those into better tokens (10x Mora coin > 1x Silvervine etc.)
Unique Instance Reward System (completing an instance awards everyone in the party Emblems depending on the instance, which can be used to purchase gear or consumables in our custom Main Town)
No Donation Gear (not much to say here, just no custom gear available for real money)
Achievement System (improved to feel more rewarding and fun)
Quality of life Improvements (more viewing and zooming distance and much more)

Quality Of Life Improvements
We have added a feature so that when a monster drops loot, there will be a pillar of light, colour depends on the loot.
We have added a global chat that everyone can opt in/out of with #global in the whisper field.
We have added a Link between Discord & Global chat ingame so you can chat cross platform with ease!
We have corrected the font size in-game by increasing it from 10 to 12.
We have added 25% more zoom for everyone.
We have increased the viewing distance to 19 cells up from 14 to match the increased zoom.
We have changed the ground targeting casting sprite to a more classy version.
Storage increased from 300 > 2x 600 for all accounts, VIPs get 5x 600
Cart carrying capacity increased from 100 > 200 for all accounts.
Personal carrying capacity increased from 100 > 250
We have given everyone a base weight of 90,000
We have a Job Master
We have a Custom Town that has Warps to Many places in the World
Stat & Skill resetter is available, free of charge below level 40, everyone gets 2 full resets for free and after this it's 10k zeny * baselevel per reset.
We use global instance reset that resets everyone's daily instance cooldowns at midnight & weeklys on Tuesday night's at midnight.
All skills can be spammed by holding down the buttons rather than having to repeatedly hit the button if the skill does not have a cooldown.
Level 1 Teleport behaves like Flywings.
We allow multiclient (as many as you want) & greyworld.

Available Player Commands
@defences - Displays your current resistances towards Elements and Races, its capped at 75% of each
@autotrade - keep merchants online without being online yourself - Lasts for 3 months
@mobinfo name/ID - lets you check a monsters stats and drops
@whodrops - shows you all monsters which drop the item and drop chance
@whereis - Shows you where a monster is
@iteminfo - get additional information about the item
@breakguild - disband a guild
@homstats - check your homunculi's stats
@hominfo - check homunculi's information
@time - displays current server time/date/day & night cycles
@exp - displays your current experience rate
@rates - displays your current experience & drop rates
@join - join a channel of your choice
@channel - manage your in-game channels
@hatereset - Resets hatred for Star Gladiators
@feelreset - Resets Feeling for Star Gladiators

We have added Custom Equipment to help Builds and Classes that struggle along with Legendary Items with Unique Sprites that are craftable
Shadow equipment drops from monsters around the world.
All pet taming items have a 10% success chance.
Battle Manuals provide 100% increased base & job experience, played time instead of real time and are a buff instead of an equipment.
Bubble Gum (+100% drop rate) are a buff instead of an equipment.
Bloody Branches can now spawn all MVPs/Bosses (Even Instanced ones)
Homunculus & cute pet feeding system gives you 10 points per feed up from 1 & has Autofeed Option
All HD & HE/Enriched Ore can be obtained by trading with an NPC in-game.

War Of Emperium
Will commence a few months after we went public (2023/07/03)

Server Events
We have a unique server event system that we named Zodiac Sign system that randomly selects two signs (each sign is assigned to a certain event such as exp, drop and more).
We also make our own seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas thus far.

How Do I Join?
Webpage : https://legacyofnightwind.com/
Discord : https://discord.gg/FGfPjWq/[/center]
Wikipedia: https://nightwind.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page

There are things we did not cover in this post but we do hope that this will shed some light on what we are and how you can find us!

Hope to see you soon on Legacy Of Nightwind

// LadyNanuia - Owner & Developer of Legacy Of Nightwind  /ok