Legacy Classic - Classic 3x/3x/1x/3x | LAUNCHED on Sept,26,2023

Started by cc.legacyragnarok, Apr 24, 2024, 06:24 AM

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General Information
  🔹 Max Lv: 99/50
  🔹 Episode: 6.2 Ayothaya
  🔹 Rates: 3x/3x
  🔹 Card Drop: Normal: 0.03% - Bosses: 0.01%
  🔹 MvP Drop: 1x

🌐 **Website:** Legacy Classic Server
💬 **Discord:** Join us on Discord]
📝 **Register:** Create an Account
📘 **Facebook Page:** Check out our Facebook Page

Technical Information
  🔹 Server Location: Singapore[Main], London[Proxy], California[Proxy]
  🔹 Security: Gepard Shield 3.0
  🔹 International Community: English main language
  🔹 Party Cap: 15 members
  🔹 Party Share Level: Until 20 Level Gap

Server Features
  🔹 Party System:
      Party can get levels now. Levels can earn you points. Points can be used for buffs/utilities for the party.
  🔹 Accrual System:
      Some players are not that active and can be hard to catch up. With this, you get doubled exp for a certain amount daily.
  🔹 Nightmare Maps:
      There are maps that have stronger monsters than usual and unique items are dropped here. Are you up to the challenge?
  🔹 Hourly System:
      Rewards players' activity by giving points every 60 minutes and using them to buy consumables.
  🔹 Skill Balancing:
      Skill balancing is done every update so that there will be balance. It is also for players to be more creative on their builds.
  🔹 World Building:
      The actions of the community within our events affect future updates that are related to our custom sidestory.
  🔹 Adventurer's Tavern:
      Adventurer's Tavern comes along with monster, item, urgent, and promotion quests. You can be a ranker whatever your job is and can yield Adventurer Points. These can be used for variety of items and perks.

🔹🔹🔹🔹Recent Updates since Launch 🔹🔹🔹🔹
The server population is low but hopefully it will flourish again! See you in the server~