Legacy Classic - Classic 3x/3x/1x/3x | CBT September 8, 2023

Started by cc.legacyragnarok, Sep 05, 2023, 12:00 AM

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General Information
  🔹 Max Lv: 99/50
  🔹 Episode: 5.0 Yuno
  🔹 Rates: 3x/3x - Weekends +40% EXP
  🔹 Card Drop: Normal: 0.03% - Bosses: 0.01%
  🔹 MvP Drop: 1x

🌐 **Website:** [Legacy Classic Server](https://legacyclassic.asia/)
💬 **Discord:** [Join us on Discord](https://discord.gg/P8txaSjaCm)
📝 **Register:** [Create an Account](https://legacyclassic.asia/?module=account&action=create)
📘 **Facebook Page:** [Check out our Facebook Page](https://bit.ly/3sjfdmK)

Technical Information
  🔹 Server Location: Singapore
  🔹 Security: Gepard Shield 3.0
  🔹 International Community: English main language
  🔹 Party Cap: 15 members
  🔹 Party Share Level: Until 20 Level Gap

Server Features
  🔹 Party System:
      Party can get levels now. Levels can earn you points. Points can be used for buffs/utilities for the party.
  🔹Mining System:
      This system was made by Stolao and modified by us to attend to our needs. All monster dropped ore materials have lower rates. Ore materials can only be found through mining.
  🔹 Custom Instances/Dungeons:
      There will be a lot of custom instances and dungeons that will give more content other than the original quests/dungeons.
  🔹 Nightmare Maps:
      There are maps that have stronger monsters than usual and unique items are dropped here. Are you up to the challenge?
  🔹 Hourly System:
      Rewards players' activity by giving points every 60 minutes and using them to buy consumables.
  🔹 Skill Balancing:
      Skill balancing is done every update so that there will be balance. It is also for players to be more creative on their builds.
  🔹 World Building:
      The actions of the community within our events affect future updates that are related to our custom sidestory.
  🔹 Adventurer's Tavern:
      Adventurer's Tavern comes along with monster, item, urgent, and promotion quests. You can be a ranker whatever your job is and can yield Adventurer Points. These can be used for variety of items and perks.