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Author Topic: KaiRO is a wonderful server to play right now  (Read 915 times)

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Offline Kai.

KaiRO is a wonderful server to play right now
« on: Apr 03, 2021, 02:38 pm »
The rates are 7x/7x/5x but getting started is a lot easier than that; We have 7x exp rate from quests as well so the novice training ground alone will get you to about level 30.

After that you can do one of our headgear quests to get a nice headgear to help you kill monsters faster, for example Snake Hat [1], its requirements are x200 Snake Scale and x15 Opal which is fun to do even when you're just starting.

We have lots of quests like that that are quickly accessible in 1 NPC in prontera and more quests are added on every update and you can actually request any headgear to be added on quests on our forum if you want to:

We don't have any custom equipments and we will never do, as one of the goals of the server is to have as close to an original ragnarok experience as possible.

We also have repeatable exp quests which makes playing RO in low rate more reasonable since most of us are all grown ups and we don't have that much time anymore like we used to.

The server started just 7 days ago, it's still new and still growing with more people joining in every day. We are 1 community member less without you and we would love nothing more than to welcome you in with us /lv

To download: https://www.kairagnarok.com/download

To register: https://www.kairagnarok.com/register

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/DCPmdGy5aT

If you'd like to check the full details of the server, please visit: https://www.kairagnarok.com/server-information

and finally thank you for checking us out /lv