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Iris Ragnarok Online
« on: Sep 09, 2019, 05:58 am »

IRIS Ragnarok Online
Low-rate Full Renewal Server
Website | Forum | Registration | Download
Opened as of September 7, 2019

  • Episode: 17.1++ (Illusion Update)
  • Rates: Floating at 3x-3x-3x (Weekdays) | 5x-5x-3x (Weekends)
  • Level Cap: 185/65 - Base|Job
  • Available Class: All including Star Emperor & Soul Reaper!
  • Environment: Normal Quest Type (No instant job)
  • Client: 2018 kRO Client
  • Private Airship - is the alternative for warper/@go/@warp command because it can warp you to places!
  • Attendance System - is a reward system that has countless goodies that will help you on your adventure that can be claimed via its interface.
  • Equipment Replacement System - is a user-interface that can be binded to a shortcut for easy switching of items including accessories!
  • Refine UI - is a graphical interface for refining with animation and of-course working Blacksmith Blessing!
  • Global Drop System - all monster drops a specific item which is Ragnarok Trading Card (A form of currency) & World Tour Ticket used by Private Airship.
  • Trading Card Exchanger - from global drops to exchangeable items/cash points that can help you gear up.
  • Costume Exchanger - putting fashion to your character by converting headgear to costume only losing the effect of the headgear and can be reverted back.
  • Fashion Stylist -  changes your appearance such as hairstyle of 29 types, 126 hair color, 699 cloth color and alternative costume (jRO Outfits for 3rd Class) for 5K zeny per change.
  • Rest Bonus System - It's a server unique customization wherein players get to accumulate rest bonus experience when they are logged out of the game.
  • Channel System - It is where players can communicate throughout the server even if you are not on the same map.
  • Lucky Pick System - System automated player picker that rewards them.
  • Gacha System - Gambling way of life to get some cool stuffs/items. (Zeny Based)

If you think our server has potential and can make your free-time spending worth it. Join us! Be part of our community! ROK On!

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