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Author Topic: WaffleRO 15x/15x/5x - NO PAY2WIN!  (Read 1451 times)

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WaffleRO 15x/15x/5x - NO PAY2WIN!
« on: Sep 26, 2019, 07:00 am »
WaffleRO Opening: Oct. 5, 2019

Server Information

Episode 12: Nightmare of Midgard, Destruction of Morocc
Max Level: 99/70
Rates: 15x/15x/5x
Card Drop Rate: 3%
Mini Boss/MVP Boss Drop Rate: 0.05% (Disabled effect on GvG/PvP)
Guild Capacity: 26
Guild Alliance: Disabled
Max Player in a party: 12
Party Share Level: 15


Game Guard: Gepard Shield 3.0
Server Location: Singapore (Optimized for ASIA users.)
Multi-Client: 2 clients only.
Anti-DDOS Protection.

Other Highlights:

Hunting Mission (earn PODs every 12hrs)
Voting System (earn voting points to buy field manual, etc.)
Hourly Rewards (buy rental items that is useful for your leveling in hourly shop)
Freebies NPC (Get freebies from the server 1 Freebies only per account.)
Quest System (Hunt useful headgears for PVE/PvP from this NPC)
Donation NPC (Only costumes & consumables are for sale in this NPC)
Leveling Quest Eden (Tired of grinding repeatedly? Then here's the answer, do the quest and be rewarded with EXP)
New Status Icons

Command List:

@mobinfo - shows monster information
@iteminfo - shows item information
@whodrops - shows who monster drop certain item
@time - shows the server time
@jailtime - shows time before you can go out from jail
@hominfo - shows your homunculus information
@homstats - shows your homunculus stats
@showexp - shows exp obtain from monsters
@showzeny - shows zeny obtain from monsters
@whereis - shows where you can find the monster you are looking for
@channel - join, create channels.
@autotrade - vend while your away from PC
@refresh - refresh your ragnarok screen
@noask - disable trade/party/guild invitations
@noks - make other player damage miss on your target monster (does not apply on MVP's)
@load/@return - return to your save point (some restrictions applied)
@chkpoints - check your Mission & Cash Points in-game
@hold - holds your position while casting a skill toggle @hold again to walk.
@lgp - Enable/Disable LGP
@square - <on/off/1-14> - Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size.
@circle - Displays circle around the character.
@aoes - Displays colored areas of skills: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm.
@shake - Enables/Disables "shake" effect
!ping - shows statistic of connection
!vsync - disables limit 60 FPS
Channel System: #main, #support, #map, #trade, #ally

Useful Links:

Website: https://waffleragnarok.com/
Forums: https://waffleragnarok.com/boards/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/wafflero.community/
FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wafflero.community/
Discord: https://discord.gg/xXtR9dK

Server Opening Event

Event Mechanics: https://waffleragnarok.com/boards/index.php?/topic/5-race-to-level-99-server-opening-event/